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Multi-Person Committee Replaces Uber CEO During Leave of Absence

By NexChange
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After Uber CEO and founder Travis Kalanick took a leave of absence following a sexual harassment scandal and the death of his mother, a 14-person committee has been appointed to take over the day to day operations of the company, reports Yahoo Finance.

The team will consist of executives who all previously reported to Kalanick before his leave of absence was announced on Tuesday. According to Yahoo Finance, the committee will include the following Uber personnel:

  • Andrew Macdonald, Regional General Manager, LatAm & APAC
  • Pierre Dimitri Gore-Coty, Regional General Manager
  • Rachel Holt, Regional General Manager, US & Canada
  • Daniel Graf, Vice President, Product Management
  • David Richter, SVP, Business
  • Eric Meyhofer, Head of Advanced Technologies Group
  • Frances Frei, SVP, Leadership & Strategy
  • Jeff Holden, Chief Product Officer
  • Jill Hazelbaker, SVP, Policy & Communications
  • Joe Sullivan, Chief Security Officer
  • Liane Hornsey, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Ryan Graves, SVP, Operations
  • Salle Yoo, Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary
  • Thuan Pham, Chief Technology Officer

The identities of the committee members were confirmed to Yahoo Finance by an Uber spokesperson earlier.

“We have a strong leadership team including veterans who helped make the business what it is today and new talent who are helping to drive the changes we’re committed to making,” they continued. “The entire team is excited by the opportunities ahead of us.”

This comes during a period of turmoil for the ride-sharing company, amid both Kalanick’s sexual harassment probe and an internal sexual harassment investigation resulting in the firing of over 20 employees. Despite the progressive nature of the tech company, their practices to limit inappropriate office conduct seem to be much less so, with former Uber engineer Susan Fowler posting a much-read blog post in February of this year.

A source close to the situation told Yahoo Finance of the difficulty in replacing someone with a role as important as Kalanick’s. “I think the challenging thing is that Travis was the ultimate decision-maker,” the source said. “Everyone always looked to him for the final ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ This is a group of very diverse personalities, so inevitably, people will pick sides to get their way.”

Photo: TechCrunch

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