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The Future of Cryptocurrency: A Chat With Elixxir CEO David Chaum

By BenZinga
FinTech, Blockchain, Financial Services

In the 10 years since “Satoshi Nakamoto” developed bitcoin and created the first blockchain database, companies like Elixxir have further revolutionized and specialized the digital currency’s capabilities.

With a focus on speed and security, Elixxir has enabled the processing of hundreds of thousands of transactions each second through the convenience of a smartphone app.

The Founder

CEO and founder, David Chaum has a very interesting background in the industry. As an educator and cryptographer, he founded both the International Association for Cryptologic Research and the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science. His first company, DigiCash, implemented his invention of secured digital cash.

Throughout his career, Chaum advocated for the implementation of an anonymous communication network. With this, he introduced the use of undeniable signatures, a form of digital signature that blinds the message before it’s signed, as well as a pseudonym credential system. Chaum is also responsible for the development of group signatures, which allow a member of a group …

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