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Buying a castle and a piece of history

By NexChange
Lifestyle, 4:01

We all know that our home is our castle, don’t we? Whether it is a two-bedroom apartment in an scruffy part of town, a suburban villa or a rural retreat we protect it with locks and maybe a dog - or in the US, perhaps with an armory.

But there are now good opportunities in Britain to buy if not a whole castle, then a piece of one, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Oversley Castle, which was once owned by Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII’s chancellor and protagonist of Wolf Hall, has been split up into five apartments with the addition of a four-storey circular turret and nine barn conversions in 65 acres of Warwickshire countryside.

Prices range from £300,000 up to £2 million, so it helps if you receive a banker-size bonus.

There are plenty of other fortified strongholds up for sale too. Most were built during Britain’s bloody medieval period when barons fought for power and wealth like modern-day gangsters.

It’s now much more genteel, of course.

“We envisage the castle as providing lock-up-and-leave properties,” says Paul Harvey, who has developed Oversley Castle. “The kind of place where you chuck your keys to your neighbors while you go off to Spain for three months.”
Photo: Karen Roe

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