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Odey: We are already in a deflationary downdraft amidst currency wars

By ValueWalk
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It's been a rough year for Odey Asset Management's OEI Mac fund. Year-to-date the fund is down 15.8%, although, after a strong August, the fund has managed to regain some composure. according to a September 23rd letter to investors reviewed by ValueWalk.

Odey Asset Management founder Crispin Odey’s flagship hedge fund slumped 19.3% during 'Bloody April' after it was caught out when the Australian dollar strengthened against the US dollar.

During August, the OEI Mac fund's USD share class gained 6.8%. The performance is even more impressive when compared to the MSCI Daily TR Net Europe USD return of -6.9% and an MSCI Daily TR Net Europe GBP return of -5.3%. Over the past twelve months, the OEI Mac fund has gained 8.7%, a relative outperformance against the MSCI Daily TR Net Europe index of 16.9%.

Odey OEI MAC Fund performance

Odey's short book and active currency positions were the largest contributors to the fund's performance during the month. Active currencies made a positive contribution of +1.3% to performance; this was attributable to the short AUD/USD position. All other active currency positions made negative contributions.

Odey OEI MAC Fund currency exposure

Odey: Equity performance
Moving away from currencies onto equities, Odey's short book made a sizeable positive contribution of +12.7% during August after accounting for currency hedging. Positions that contributed most to this performance, before currency hedging were Las Vegas Sands Corp. (NYSE:LVS) (+157bps), Sands China (+99bps) and Swatch (+84bps). A negative performance from Kellogg (-10bps), Antofagasta (-9bps) and Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) (-9bps) detracted from performance.

On the long side, the equity book made a negative contribution for the month of 6.7%. Positive contributions before hedging came from Pendragon (+44bps), Circassia
Pharmaceuticals (+7bps) and TUI (+6bps). However, negative contributions far outweighed these gains. Holdings in Sky, LM Ericsson Telefon, and Barclays PLC (NYSE:BCS) (LON:BARC) detracted -142bps, -45bps and -39bps from overall performance respectively.

Government bonds held by the fund returned -0.4%.

Odey: Cloudy outlook
Crispin Odey's uses his Manager's Report within the Odey OEI MAC Fund monthly newsletter to warn of further pain ahead for financial markets.

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