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New player adds tactical sophistication to robo-advisor landscape

By Benzinga

Robo-advisors are still a small percentage of the overall wealth management industry, but there is no denying the rapid growth of these online-based money managers.

That rapid growth is paving the way for new entrants to the robo-advisor field, including New York-based Huygens Capital LLC, which describes itself as “a systematic, tactical, ETF strategist and robo advisor enabled by proprietary predictive analytics.”

Huygens is launching its tactical, risk-focused robo-advisor Monday, and it appears to be a well-timed entry into the robo-advising space. As of December 2014, the 11 largest robo-advisors had a combined $19 billion in assets under management, representing eight-month asset growth of 65 percent, according to Wealth Management.

That number has continued surging.

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Photo: Peyri Herrera

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