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Barron's Roundup: The bulls still have it

By NexChange
Capital Markets

October 17, 2015

The bulls aren't gone yet. More than half, or 55%, of those surveyed by Barron's say they are bullish or very bullish about stocks at least through next June. When Barron's did a similar poll in the spring, only 45% of respondents were so optimistic. Maybe that 11% market correction in August has people feeling a bit better about the the value of stocks, or maybe it's the Fed's continued drag on actually raising interest rates. Either way, it's pretty much sunshine and rainbows for these equities guys.

Hold on to your EMC stock; double digit gains are in your future. Dell's proposed purchase of EMC hasn't benefited shareholders yet, but Barron's is pretty optimistic that it will. Investors could earn a more than 10% return when the $67 billion deal closes, likely next summer, Barron's reports. Worst case scenario for EMC, if the Dell deal does fall through, there are other available options, such as a spin off.

Looking for your next best stock pick? Chris Davis, chairman of Davis Advisors, sees opportunities in financials. Investors are, of course, still feeling the financial crisis burn when it comes to investing in financial stocks. But financials are looking as compelling as they did in 1991, Davis tells Barron's. Top picks? Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, and Markel.



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