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John Cleese would like to teach you the ‘Ten golden rules of equity investing’

By NexChange
Lifestyle, 4:01

Here’s something completely different. John Cleese, star of Monty Python and Fierce Creatures, has taken a break from the Ministry of Silly Walks to team up with Aberdeen Asset Management and narrate some of its investment cartoons.

Here’s what they call the ninth golden rule:

Former model, Bond girl, and Wolf of Wall Street actress Joanna Lumley also did some voice-overs for the firm, this time, for the cartoon’s “Seven deadly sins of multi-asset investing” segment. Here’s what they call the first sin:

The cartoons were apparently adapted from booklets Aberdeen produced for beginner investors, and can be seen in their entirety at the firm's magazine channel, “Thinking Aloud.”

Now if they could only get Sean Connery to explain the yield curve…
Photo: Flanders DC

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