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Five Things To Know To Run A Successful Blockchain Startup
With the market value of the blockchain industry projected to grow to $60 billion by 2020, it is imperative that businesses have a solid business case for the use of blockchain, as well as sound tokenomics. jaydeep_ / Pixabay So what are the five things that every entrepreneur should know before launching their own blockchain startup? [REITs] Q4 hedge fund
Blockchain in Transport Alliance Welcomes Hong Kong-Based Tigers
Tigers, a Hong Kong-based global logistics and transportation company that specializes in technology-enabled supply chain solutions, e-fulfilment and transportation by air, sea, rail and road, has joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA). Blockchain is an open, distributed digital ledger that can record and share transactions between two or more parties efficiently, securely and permanently. Blockchain enables transportation companies to
China's Debt Problem
China's debt problem is serious, but the risk of a hard landing or banking crisis is, in my view, low. The reason is that the potential bad debts are corporate, not household, debts and were made at the direction of the state—by state-controlled banks to state-owned enterprises. This provides the state with the ability to manage the timing and pace
Video: The Mekong Club’s Phoebe Owen at Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019
Hong Kong Blockchain Week featured a slew of amazing presentations, but the most profound one was arguably from Mekong Club project manager Phoebe Ewen. Sharing rather shocking statistics about modern-day slavery – including the fact that over 40 million men, women, and children are currently enslaved – Ewen delivered a very important message about how we can eradicate slavery and
CoinMarketCap on Launching Crypto Indices: 'We Will Introduce More Real-Time Data Products This Year'
Cryptocurrency data juggernaut CoinMarketCap announced earlier this week that it had launched two cryptocurrency benchmark indices across NASDAQ GIDS, Bloomberg Terminals, Thomson Reuters Eikon, and Börse Stuttgart. CoinMarketCap claims that the indices will be “the most comprehensive ones on the market,” adding that they cover the top 200 cryptocurrencies by market cap and that they will help users “quickly reference
Goldman Sachs’s John Mahoney On The Rise Of Chinese Fintech
On February 25, 2019, the Richman Center hosted John Mahoney (Co-Chair of Global FIG, Goldman Sachs) for a discussion on the rise of Chinese fintech and the lessons it holds for the United States. In this video, part 1 of 2, Mahoney presents about China’s fintech landscape, the factors driving growth, and future outlooks. Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot Goldman
Moral Hazard in Emerging Markets: Papering Over the Cracks
From bank bailouts to the “Fed put,” moral hazard has long been a key determinant of market pricing and investor behavior. In emerging markets (EM), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been the traditional lender of last resort for many years, supporting numerous crisis-hit countries but attempting to avoid moral hazard by requiring that borrowers meet specific conditions and have
UP Fintech Holding's IPO: What You Need To Know
U.S. investors will gain greater exposure to the Chinese fintech space this week through a $104.7 million offering by UP Fintech Holding Ltd (TIGR). Here are the details. The Offering UP Fintech Holding on Wednesday will issue 13 million American depository shares at $8, above the previously expected range of $5 and $7, on the Nasdaq. Management will maintain a dual-class share
Video: CoinMarketCap’s Carylyne Chan at Hong Kong Blockchain Week
Hong Kong’s biggest blockchain conference featured a slew of noteworthy speakers, and for those who weren’t able to make it, here’s one of them. Carylyne Chan, Global Head of Marketing for CoinMarketCap, took the stage on day two to talk about her company and how it’s becoming a data standard for crypto. She also spoke about what Hong Kong audiences
Looking Forward, Looking Back: 10 Charts After 10 Years
Just over a decade ago, global markets began to recover from the biggest shock in postwar history. In these 10 charts, we aim to show how much has changed since then and how market conditions over the past decade may influence big changes that are beginning to unfold today. Even as financial markets have rallied in early 2019, uncertainty is