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Musk Will Buy Another $20M in Tesla Stock — The Same Amount He Was Fined By the SEC
In a new 8-K filing detailing CEO Elon Musk’s fraud settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) announced Musk will be purchasing an additional $20 million of the automaker's stock. What Happened? On Tuesday after the close, Tesla filed an 8-K document related to the company and Musk’s settlement with the SEC after the regulatory agency
Can AI Make the Gender Gap at Work Disappear?
Here’s what we know: Equality in the workplace (that includes equal pay and equal representation at all levels of organizations) could add between $2.1 trillion and $4.3 trillion to the U.S.’s GDP in the next decade. But estimates from the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee suggest that it’s going to take over 40 years to get there. Katica Roy wants to change that, or
The Potential Impact of the EU Blockchain Partnership
Following the recent news of the progress made by the EU Blockchain Partnership developing initiatives and programs to become a global leader in Distributed Ledger Technology. As such, a number of leading companies within the blockchain space comment on the potential impact of the EU Blockchain Partnership on the wider ecosystem. MichaelWuensch / Pixabay A number of blockchain experts some
The Taming of the Diversified Portfolio
The concept we discuss here goes back to before the advent of the written word, living in parables echoed in religious and secular texts alike. The precise wording has evolved, but the message has not changed materially over time. Cervantes put it on paper more than 400 years ago through the lips of Sancho Panza, and we still use a
There is a Growing Push to Replace Mark Zuckerberg as Facebook's Chairman
In the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal - in which about 87 million Facebook users had their data improperly shared with the now-defunct voter profiling company - Trillium Asset Management filed a shareholder proposal asking Facebook's board of directors to make its chairman an independent position, removing CEO Mark Zuckerberg from that role. And now, following Facebook's latest data
Stephen Hawking Warns About Artificial Intelligence in His Final Book
"There is no God," Stephen Hawking writes in his final book, Brief Answers to the Big Questions, which was posthumously published on Tuesday. "No one directs the universe." This assertion that we're on our own - made by the the famed scientist who did more to further our understanding of black holes than anyone before or since - could be
Cramer Says 'Nibble' Away at Tech, While Pro Likes Apple
At times when stocks as a whole are trading lower, investors tend to seek safety in steady consumer staple stocks like Procter & Gamble Co (NYSE: PG), which boasts an attractive dividend yield and small but steady growth, according to CNBC's Jim Cramer. Not This Time Around Instead of following the typical stock market downturn playbook and gravitating toward a
Google's CEO Doubles Down On Plan For Censored Search Engine in China
Google's controversial plan to attempt re-entering China with a censored version of its search engine was met by a backlash from within its ranks - with both current and former employees expressing dismay. However, despite the blowback, Google's executive team shows no signs of backing down from its plans. In fact, while speaking at the WIRED 25 Summit this week,
Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Dies at 65
Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates in 1975 and was one of the most important figures in the personal computing revolution, died on Monday in Seattle. He was 65. The cause was was complications of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, according to a statement from his family. Allen worked at Microsoft for about seven years, but left in the early-'80s when
A Latin American Angel Investor's Advice On How to Succeed in Tech
Benzinga recently examined Merlin, a jobs platform that matches mostly blue-collar hourly talent with employers looking to hire. One of the co-founders, Güimar Vaca Sittic, a New York-based tech entrepreneur and prolific angel investor who's backed more than 100 companies, shared the successful tech venture's story. Merlin counts on over 50 employees working from Bogotá, Colombia, New York City and