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As Apple Reduces Revenue Projections For First Time in 16 Years, Should Other Tech Companies Worry?
Apple has reduced its revenue projections for the first time in 16 years, catching Wall Street by surprise and raising questions about whether Apple's lowered expectations - and the worsening economy in China - is a harbinger for a slowdown across the entire tech industry. Apple said it expected revenue of roughly $84 billion in the quarter that ended Saturday,
Emerging Markets Equity Investing: Never Waste a Crisis
Emerging-market equity investors are likely happy to bid goodbye to 2018—a year filled with challenges and uncertainties. Chetan Sehgal, Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity’s director of portfolio management, examines some of these challenges and uncertainties, and makes the case that investors may have been overreacting. He says many emerging markets were unjustifiably priced for crisis-type situations. In 2018 the world
There Is Now a Wearable to Check for Opioid Overdose
TheDigitalWay / Pixabay Wearables appear to be the next big thing in the consumer healthcare segment. We have already seen Apple adding EKG and atrial fibrillation features to the Apple Watch Series 4, and Omron has come up with the world’s first blood pressure smartwatch. Now students at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Penn. have developed a wearable to check
6 Trends That Will Define Smart Cities in 2019
The following excerpt is courtesy of Smart Cities Dive and was written by Kristin Musulin and Chris Teale . Follow the link below to read the full article. As we usher in a new year, the trends that shaped cities in 2018 are bound to have a ripple effect on the innovations that bloom in 2019. Now that dockless vehicles
MIT Report: Blockchain Will Become Boring in 2019 - And That's Not a Bad Thing
One of our top four storylines to watch in 2019 already includes the growth of blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies, and now we've got even more reason to be bullish on this development happening: According to the very smart people at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this will be the year that blockchain actually becomes normalized. In an article for the MIT
12 Tech Trends to Watch Over the Next 12 Months
The evolution of technology spawns new generations of products and creates new markets for innovators. Here's a compilation of top tech predictions for 2019 based on separate reports from CB Insights and Loup Ventures. 1. Data Protection Becomes Geopolitical Issue With increasing incidences of data breach and misuse, the accent is now on data protection. Most countries, including India and
Is the US Housing Market Headed for a Correction?
The median price of a US single-family home has risen just over 40% since the last housing-market crash. While newspaper headlines may put readers on edge, our analysis indicates a gradual slowdown, not a bursting bubble—in most regions. That’s largely because inventories remain tight and future demand looks healthy. Some market observers worry that recent declines in new and existing
2018 Crypto Industry Retrospective and Forward Looking at 2019
As we wrap up 2018 at Shyft, we’ve reached out to hear from our advisors and major players in this space on how 2018 went down and what to expect in 2019. We’ve asked Anthony Di Iorio of Decentral, Trevor Koverko of Polymath, Joseph Weinberg of Paycase and Special Advisor at the OECD, and Bruce Silcoff of Shyft the same
World’s First Blood Pressure Smartwatch Is Now Available to Preorder
Image Source: Omron Healthcare (screenshot) Smartwatches so far, including the Apple Watch Series 4 are advanced enough to measure heart rate along with ECG and atrial fibrillation. Omron Healthcare, however, has come up with the world’s first blood pressure smartwatch, called Omron HeartGuide. Omron’s blood pressure smartwatch – how it works? Omron first showcased this special watch at the CES
FUNDAMENTAL: How to Focus on What Really Matters in the Markets
AT A GLANCE RECOMMENDED READING The Power of Policy The Federal Reserve is expected to slow its pace of interest rate hikes next year, while fiscal policy should remain supportive of economic and profit growth. Uncertainty regarding trade policy remains a risk, although we expect an eventual resolution. What to Expect When You’re Expecting Volatility Market volatility will likely persist