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Blockchain…in Space!
Here’s something interesting, according toYahoo Finance , Singapore-based blockchain company
Report: PBOC to Start Testing Digital Currency in Shenzhen and Suzhou
China’s digital currency is reportedly set for testing.According toThe Block
China’s Hainan Province Unveils $142M Blockchain Fund
South China’s Hainan province is getting pretty seriousabout blockchain.According toXinhua
Less Than 10% of Chinese Blockchain Companies Actually Have Blockchain
Here’s something unsurprising,The Block , citing China’s “Focus Report,” says
Telegram Hits Back, Requests Court to Throw SEC Case
Messaging app giant Telegram refuses back down against the Securitiesand
PBOC: China’s Digital Currency Won’t Seek ‘Full Control’ of User Info
China’s proposed central bank digital currency (CBDC) may provideBeijing with
Ethereum’s Joe Lubin: 'I Would Love to Help China Get Expert in Ethereum Technology'
Ethereum co-founder and ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin wasinterviewed by Forbeson
South Korea Is Looking to Put Trade Finance on the Blockchain
The South Korean government wants all trade to be on