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NexChange Interview Series: Stefan Rust,
In this installment of the NexChange Interview Series, NexChange’s Olga Yaroshevsky chats with’s head of business development, Stefan Rust. The two talk about peer-to-peer payments, industry challenges, regulations, Roger Ver’s new project, and more. Have a gander:
Recruit Announces Investment In Blockchain Company COTI Through Funding Arm RSP.
In an announcement released through its website, Japan-based Recruit will invest in COTI, the next generation blockchain provider. The investment will be coordinated through Recruit’s RSP funding division. With a $50 billion market cap, the news represents another major investment by Recruit into the blockchain technology field through its Blockchain Tech Fund. Recruit, as a global enterprise and technology leader,
Saudi Customs Pilots Shipment Movement Via Blockchain
In recent years, blockchain-based use cases have found significant traction within the freight industry. Blockchain's ability to decentralize information and store it in an immutable ledger accessible by every stakeholder in the value chain can drive industry-wide collaboration and increase supply chain efficiency. The customs department of Saudi Arabia is the latest entrant to the blockchain space, as it successfully
2019 SALT Conference: Lubin, Novogratz, Roubini Talk Crypto Winter
Notes from Joseph Lubin, Michael Novogratz and Dr. Nouriel Roubini from their presentation at the 2019 SALT Conference called “Crypto Winter: Ice Age Or Great Thaw?” mohamed_hassan / Pixabay Crypto Winter: Ice Age Or Great Thaw? Joseph Lubin – Co-Founder, Ethereum Michael Novogratz – Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Galaxy Digital Dr. Nouriel Roubini – Professor of Economics, Stern School
Global Blockchain Has A Big Future According To A Deloitte Survey
Deloitte’s new global blockchain survey results released earlier this week show that more than half of enterprise respondents cited blockchain as a top-five strategic priority, and a further 56% stated that blockchain will disrupt their industry. jaydeep_ / Pixabay Please find below commentary from experts in the blockchain space — including representatives from NEM Ventures, Concordium,, UTRUST, Neutral, Hedera,
Animoca Brands Raises $2.5M for Blockchain Gaming Platform
Hong Kong-based gaming company Animoca Brands recently announced that it has raised $2.5 million to develop one of the world’s first decentralized gaming platforms. The round and token sale were led by Hashed, the largest crypto assets fund and accelerator in South Korea.  Hashed was joined by Helix Accelerator, Mind Fund, Klaytn, Atomico Ventures partner Alexis Bonte, and others. Animoca
NexChange Interview Series: Hans Lombardo, Blockpass
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This week on the NexChange Interview Series, Olga Yaroshevsky interviews Hans Lombardo, co-founder and CMO of Blockpass. They talk about Blockpass’ recent partnership with Waves Blockchain, how banks currently view digital identification systems, what industries – save for banking – are set to be disrupted by digital IDs, and more.
Cryptocurrency History: From Satoshi And 1.0 To Blockchain 5.0
From the first mention of blockchain in 2008, this terms became an extremely hyped buzzword. It’s difficult to find a modern person that didn’t hear about crypto. However, blockchain is a less familiar idea for the overall audience as people prefer not to dive into the tech debris often. The catch is that proper knowledge about the described projects brings
Should You Buy, Hold, Or Sell Bitcoin? [Survey]
80% of panelists said the bitcoin price has gone up due to crypto-related announcements made at Consensus. bitcoin predicted to be worth USD$7,543 on June 1, 2019 and USD$9,659 on December 31, 2019 according to the average of our panel lists’ predictions. 40% of panelists think Bitcoin will exceed it’s all-time high price of around USD$20,000 in this bull run.
Beyond Bitcoin: Making Money On Blockchain
If you missed the Bitcoin train, not to worry – blockchain technology is exploding and there’s still time to invest on the ground floor in a number of different ways. Whether you want to invest in another type of cryptocurrency or you want to eschew cryptocurrency altogether and invest in the technology that builds it, there are business opportunities for