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Loyalty Rewards On The Blockchain
The DigitalBits blockchain launched its MainNet in March of 2018. Digitalbits makes possible the transfer and trading of points, also known as loyalty and rewards. jaydeep_ / Pixabay The mission is to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology. Our native decentralized marketplace features multi-hop technology that brings transferability, portability and seamless transfer of value to digital assets. [REITs] Q1 hedge
Panel on Hong Kong's Regulatory Environment - Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019
In this Hong Kong Blockchain Week panel, Deloitte’s Lapman Lee examines Hong Kong’s regulatory landscape with SFC’s Clara Chiu, HKMA’s Wilson Pang, and Binnersley & Associates’ Kristi Swartz. They dive into the former colony’s regulatory approach, its sandbox application process, and the benefits of virtual banking, among others. Check it out:
JP Morgan Sets Its Sights on Payments
Seeking to ward off upstarts like TransferWise and Ripple, American investment banking giant JP Morgan is expanding its blockchain project onto the payments scene. J.P. Morgan’s Interbank Information Network (IIN), which was originally designed to tackle compliance issues, will be expanded to “help smooth the banking industry’s payment system,” the Financial Times reports. “The initial use case was around sanctions screening,”
Panel on Practical Insights for the Successful Launch of STOs - Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019
In this Hong Kong Blockchain Week panel, Coinstreet Partners’ Samson Lee chats with Securitize’s Jacqueline Kwok, Ledger’s Benjamin Soong, BMI’s Lowell Lo, and STO Global-X’s Floyd D’Costa about one of the hottest topics of the industry: STOs. Find out what it is, why everyone’s talking about it, and more importantly, how to launch a successful one, here:
Blockchain Can Eradicate Inhumane Working Conditions In The Chocolate Industry
Food supply chains vary in complexity based on the type of produce, its sourcing, and the level of processing it undergoes. Though the phrase "farm-to-fork" sums up the journey of food through its supply chain, it does nothing to shed light on the number of steps or the different stakeholders involved in making that happen. As a general rule of
Security Tokens More Like Stocks Than You Realize?
Cryptocurrencies may not be your favorite asset, but you’ve definitely heard of them. It often gets very confusing as to what these coins actually are, how they operate, and how can people produce them and sell them for such high prices. Furthermore, how can a Stock trader find it extremely convenient to switch to cryptocurrencies, should he or she decide
NexChange Interview Series: Michael Nye, Host of Evolvement Podcast
Video, Blockchain
In this installment of the NexChange Interview Series, Olga Yaroshevsky talks to Michael Nye, Host of Evolvement Podcast, about his podcast, Bitcoin Jesus, VR and AR, and the next blockchain hotbed. Have a gander:
CoinMarketCap Launches New Apps
After teasing them for a week, CoinMarketCap, the world’s most popular crypto data site, announced the launch of two new apps. The two new apps are their first-ever Android app and a revamped version of their iOS app. They reportedly feature a “full experience” and incorporate elements not included in the main website, such as portfolio tracking, candlestick charts, side-by-side
And Hong Kong’s First Blockchain-Fueled Insurer Is…
Blue Cross, per the SCMP: On Tuesday, Blue Cross (Asia-Pacific) Insurance said it has become the first insurer in the city to launch a blockchain-backed solution to speed up medical insurance claims and prevent fraud, adding that the distributed ledger technology will also help the company cut costs. Rivals Prudential, HSBC Life and Bowtie Insurance have started selling insurance products
Nexyst: Bridging Traditional Finance and Digital Asset Management
From the creation of JP Coin to the launch of Fidelity Digital Asset Service, the digital assets market seems to be getting ready for large-scale cash infusions from big institutions. Traditional players, however, are struggling to overcome challenges in investing in this new asset class. To facilitate a smooth transmission from traditional investment to digital asset investment, Nexyst is building