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Hackers Steal Over $40m Worth of Bitcoin From Binance
Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has been hit with “a large scale security breach” in which hackers stole over $40 million worth of bitcoin, the company said in a statement. The hackers reportedly absconded with 7,000 units of bitcoin, along with user information such as API keys, two-factor codes, and “potentially other info.” The exchanged managed to
BTC Market Cap Surpassing $100 Billion And Nearing $6,000
As BTC’s market cap has broken the $100 billion mark for the first time in almost 6 months and the price is nearing $6,000, I wanted to share some expert commentary in response to the recent upswing. vjkombajn / Pixabay Vaibhav Kadikar, Founder & CEO, CloseCross, a decentralised prediction market platform, said, “It’s going to be a hot summer. BTC
NexChange Interview Series: Gordon Einstein, Crypto Law Partners
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This week on the NexChange Interview Series, Olga Yaroshevsky chats with Gordon Einstein, Founding Partner at Crypto Law Partners, about his new book, Reg A+ for Crypto; securities law; Marc Andreessen and the evolution of software; and more. Have a gander:
Fido Gears up to Trade Crypto
If you were looking for a sign that crypto was going mainstream, this is probably it. Bloomberg: Fidelity Investments, which began a custody service to store Bitcoin earlier this year, will buy and sell the world’s most popular digital asset for institutional customers within a few weeks, according to a person familiar with the matter. The Boston-based firm, one of
Bitfinex Launches $1B Token Sale
Hong Kong-based crypto exchange Bitfinex is looking to raise $1 billion in an IEO, writes The Block: Crypto exchange Bitfinex will conduct an initial exchange offering (IEO), aiming to raise $1 billion, according to details from an upcoming white paper reviewed by The Block. The final version of the white paper is still under review. Bitfinex’s exchange tokens, dubbed LEO,
JP Morgan, Microsoft Team up to Boost Adoption of Blockchain
Two of the world’s largest corporations have joined forces on blockchain. In a statement released Thursday, J.P. Morgan and Microsoft announced that they are forming a strategic partnership to “accelerate the adoption of enterprise blockchain.” The partnership basically makes J.P. Morgan’s enterprise version of Ethereum, Quorum, as the first distributed ledger platform available through Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Service, allowing their
NexChange Interview Series: Brad Yasar, Founder of Beyond Enterprizes
In this installment of the NexChange Interview Series, Olga Yaroshevsky talks to Brad Yasar, Founder and CEO of Beyond Enterprizes, about the Blockchain Investors Consortium, the biggest challenges of an investor, real-world blockchain business applications, and more. Check it out:
Amazon’s Blockchain Service Is Now Open to the Public
A year after it dismissed using blockchain technology, Amazon is rolling out its very own blockchain service. According to a press release, Amazon Web Services has officially opened Amazon Managed Blockchain to the general public. The fully-managed service – which “makes it easy to create and manage scalable blockchain networks” – is immediately available in U.S. East and will expand
Farewell to Bart Chilton, Regulator For the People
Commissioner Bart Chilton left us this past Saturday. This larger than life figure brought passion to everything he did, from standing up for minority investors and their hopes and dreams to supporting his family and friends. The Bart Chilton style was all substance and his impact on people’s lives is a legacy that will endure for decades to come. The
China to Build a ‘Blockchain City’ … in Malaysia
The Chinese government is reportedly aiding the construction of a “blockchain city” in Malaysia, smack-bang on one of Asia’s most important shipping lanes. Here’s Coin Telegraph: Construction and engineering company China Wuyi and investment network SWT International Sdn Bhd have jointly launched the Chinese government-backed project aimed at the development of the city of Malacca into a blockchain city called