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An Intro to ... Digital Asset Management
By Zoe Shing, NexChange What is Digital Asset Management? If you google ‘digital asset management,’ you will get bombarded with many different definitions of the term. To some, it may be simple enough, but it can get very confusing when everyone has a different understanding of the word. This is why this article is here to help put all your
3 Hurdles the Decentralized Finance Phenomenon Must Overcome Before Going Mainstream
One of the biggest movements currently taking place in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology space is that of decentralized finance (DeFi). In a nutshell, the phenomenon seeks to transform the way the traditional financial system operates. Whether it’s facilitating loans, banking, or investing in the stock markets - much of the current framework is reserved for the few, not the
Is Facebook’s Libra Really A Cryptocurrency? Maybe Not
Facebook officially announced its Libra cryptocurrency earlier this week, and analysts are starting to weigh in on it. The social networking firm describes Libra as a “global currency and financial infrastructure,” add that it will “reinvent money” and “transform the global economy.” The release statement about Facebook’s Libra is full of buzzwords and feel-good terms, but is it really a
An Intro to ... Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds
By Zoe Shing, NexChange Many will have heard of “cryptocurrency fund” or “hedge fund,” but “cryptocurrency hedge fund” is still a rather recent term. This article explains everything you need to know about these funds and the risks that come with them. Cryptocurrency Funds The term “Cryptocurrency fund” is frequently used interchangeably with “cryptocurrency hedge fund.” A fund that trades
Farewell to Data Dependence
Until recently, Fed Chair, Jerome Powell sounded a consistent theme: the Fed is data dependent and will stay that way, unswayed by noise or pressure from politicians. When the FOMC released its rate decision last month, it got as dovish as it could without actually cutting short-term rates. It downgraded its assessment of economic growth from "solid" to "moderate" while
India Confronts Its Challenges, China Shows Restraint, and a New ECB Leader Is Named
SUMMARY India: Mind The Gap Is China’s Treasury Portfolio a Threat? Europe’s Key Person Risk Vaibhav reports on what’s ahead for India after recent elections. The decade of the 1990s in India was an era of rapid change. The sudden rise of new choices and shifts in consumer preferences was stunning, in hindsight. Not too long ago, to watch our
Henri Arslanian’s Top Trends in Crypto to Keep an Eye On
Henri Arslanian had a simple goal at the Block O2O: Institutionalization of The Digital Asset Fund Industry conference: to share all the latest trends in crypto and let the audience decide what they mean for business, investment, or the crypto industry. He ended up blowing a few minds. Speaking to a packed crowd, the PriceWaterhouseCoopers crypto and fintech chief laid
Wealthbase's Founder On The Future Of Paper Trading
Wealthbase, a newcomer in the simulated trading space, launched last month with a mission of helping consumers invest better. In an interview with Benzinga, John Rourke, the co-founder and CEO of Wealthbase's parent company Starburst Labs, elaborated on his intentions. Read more at Benzinga. Photo: Jim Makos
Ethical AI: Can Driverless Cars Save As Many Lives As Possible?
By 2050, driverless cars and mobility as a service will grow into a $7 trillion worldwide. Driverless cars have many benefits and from 2035 to 2045 consumers will regain up to 250 million hours of free time that was previously spent from behind the wheel, $234 billion in public costs will be saved by reducing accidents and damages due to
NexChange Interview Series: Musheer Ahmed, Fintech Association of Hong Kong, Part 2
Welcome to part two of the NexChange Interview Series with Fintech Association of Hong Kong General Manager Musheer Ahmed. Musheer -- a former global markets trader and strategy consultant with a keen interest in disruptive technologies -- recently helped publish a major report on fintech in the Greater Bay Area and, in this part, he shares more of his thoughts