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2018 Hong Kong Fintech Week Slated to Be World’s First Cross-Border Fintech Conference
Hong Kong Fintech Week is right around the corner, and apparently, Hong Kong will be taking things all the way up to 11. After wowing an over 4,000-strong crowd of international investors, regulators, and fintech enthusiasts in Hong Kong last year, Hong Kong Fintech Week is set to outdo itself this year by becoming the world’s first cross-border fintech event.
Southeast Asian Startups’ ‘Valley of Death’
For Southeast Asian fintech startups, securing a second round of funding can be deadly. Speaking to DealStreetAsia, FinAccel CEO Akshay Garg detailed what it was it was like to secure the “largest ever” Series B round for a Southeast Asian fintech company. The picture he drew, however, wasn’t pretty. The dearth of local funds in the $200-300 million range apparently
Ben Horowitz: Venture Capital Investment Philosophy, Career and Bitcoin
An interview and Q&A with venture capitalist and Co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, Ben Horowitz. In this interview, Ben Horowitz discusses how he got into venture capital and his idea behind starting the venture capital fund A16z. Ben also talks about Bitcoin and skills entrepreneurs need to succeed. Q2 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc Image source: YouTube Video Screenshot Ben
The Rise of Venture and Growth Capital in Europe
With the value of venture capital transactions in Europe reaching a record high in 2017, we examine the impact of this on the exit and fundraising environments as well as investor interest in the region. Q2 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc While North America has historically dominated the venture capital industry, and despite Asia accounting for the greatest proportion
Shocker: The VC Industry is Very Male and Very White
You may want to sit down for this: It turns out the venture capital industry is overwhelmingly white and overwhelmingly male, according to a new analysis by Richard Kerby. Okay, this isn't surprising at all if you've been paying attention to industry trends - and sexual harassment/gender discrimination  scandals - over the past several years. But just how bad is
Basis Has Raised $133M on its Promise of a ‘Stableoin.’ Should We Buy the Hype?
When you read the white paper for Basis, a crypto startup based in Hoboken, New Jersey, you’ll come across a section that touts its potential to work as a solution in developing nations where people lack access to stable currencies. It notes that “in countries with weak institutions and unstable currencies” there also tends to be “high rates of inflation
How Three of the Biggest VCs Are Building Their Crypto Strategy
When Union Square Ventures (USV) announced in June that it had invested in Multicoin Capital, a “thesis-driven” cryptofund based in Austin, Texas, it was the latest sign that the industry’s biggest venture capitalists are increasingly pouring money into the cryptocurrency space – and arguably embracing the token economy far more aggressively than most segments of the financial services industry. However,
Ex-Uber Execs Have Launched an 'Investor Syndicate' to Fund Startups From Uber Alum
Two former Uber executives have started an investor syndicate called Moving Capital that will invest in companies started by Uber alum, Axios reports. The private syndicate was launched by Josh Moherer, who will lead investments in New York City, and William Barnes, who will head operations on the West Coast, according to Axios. Moving Capital will operate via AngelList and
Video: Peter Thiel on Why Europe Has Few Tech Giants
An interview with billionaire venture capitalist and co-founder Valar Ventures, Peter Thiel. In this interview, Peter discusses if he relies on Mathematics or instinct when investing and current politics. Peter also talks about why Europe has not created big tech companies and the progression of society. Q2 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc Peter Thiel On Investing, Politics And Creating
Andreessen Horowitz Appoints its Second Female Partner in Less Than a Month
Less than a month after Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) appointed former federal prosecutor Katie Haun as its first-ever female partner, the VC giant on Tuesday named Connie Chan a general partner, the second in its nine-year history. Chan becomes the first person at a16z to be promoted in-house as a general partner. It had previously been against the firm's policy for