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How to Get a Job in Venture Capital
Unlike becoming a dentist, lawyer, or astronaut, nabbing a job in venture capital isn’t about nailing a clear-cut requirements checklist. The VC industry is notoriously relationship-driven, which has had at least one unfortunate consequence: Its internal demographics are abysmal. The percentage of women at the top 100 venture firms has lingered in the high single digits over recent years, according
Why So Many Celebrities Turn Into Investors?
Kobe Bryant says that as a basketball player his ultimate goal was to win. FinBuzz writes that these days he got involved into a field where the stakes are even higher and the competition is severer: venture investing. Bryant made an announcement that he is about to launch a $100 million investment fund cooperating with a former CEO Jeff
Knicks all-star Carmelo shares why he invests in tech and the people he most admires
Knicks forward Anthony Carmelo has an eclectic basket of heroes. The NBA all-star shared the stage with tech investing partner Stuart Goldfarb at TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 on Wednesday. First: why he invests his own money rather than hiring an advisor and why the focus on technology. Carmelo explains about Melo7 Tech Partners, which he founded with entrepreneur Stuart Goldfarb: “This is
Video: Watch top-tier venture capitalists translate Drake and Bieber into startup speak
First Round Capital backs some of the hottest up-and-coming startups in America (think Square, Uber, and Warby Parker previously). And in addition to offering all-important venture capital, the firm also gives its startups the chance to participate in its worst best tradition: its year-end holiday video. This year’s video dropped this morning, and it’s every bit as bonkers as the
Women and VC: The aftermath of Ellen Pao vs KPCB
  Last week we saw Ellen Pao finally throw in the towel and drop her appeal after losing her sexism case against former employers Kleiner Perkins Caulfield and Byers, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital. In article published in Re/code, the former Reddit CEO draws a line under her three-year-long battle, detailing exactly what she was up against, and why she