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Looking Past Volatility

By Advisor Perspectives
Asset Management, Capital Markets


PIMCO takes a long-term view of markets and economies, one that anchors investment decisions during shorter-term periods of market volatility. Nonetheless, the dramatic return of market volatility has understandably unnerved many investors. On 9 February, Daniel J. Ivascyn, group chief investment officer, and Scott Mather, CIO U.S. core strategies, updated clients on the dynamics at play. They discussed both the short-term, cyclical phenomena of the past week and the long-term, or secular, factors stretching out multiple years. They also address positioning portfolios for what’s ahead.

Volatility in perspective

The backdrop for the spike in volatility is more cyclical than secular in nature and unique to this business cycle. The main point to consider is that we are, finally, returning to normal levels of volatility.

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