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Well Being Digital’s Kow Ping at Healthtech O2O: Breakthrough!

By NexChange
Video, AI, Healthtech

Kow Ping, co-founder of Well Being Digital, took the stage at Healthtech O2O: Breakthrough! last week and after praising Hong Kong as the medical IoT capital of the world, he sent a message that was a little different.

“Some of you are probably here because you want to think about how we can make healthcare not only affordable but available 24/7, but today I will talk about something different. The future … is hear.”

Nope, that wasn’t a typo. The wearables innovator went on to say that wrist-based devices are essentially toast and that hearables are coming to eat their lunch. Earphone-based devices are simply more accurate and more capable, says Ping, adding that less and less people are using watches already while 80% of people have earphones in their bag. And Well Being Digital’s first goal is to “enable 80% of all earphones to have the ability to sense.”

The company’s hearable technology helps people in a variety of ways: on a run, it can measure your heart rate and say if you’re overdoing it, while on the ride home, it can sense your stress levels and deliver the right music for you to destress. A hospital is currently testing the latter on elderly dementia patients, hoping to make them less violent through music.

Don’t just take our word for it though; here’s Kow Ping’s presentation at Healthtech O2O: Breakthrough!

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