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Teton Capital – Want to Find Good Shorts? Look for Promotional CEOs
Hedge Funds
As much prior research shows, bad corporate governance including dishonest and/or promotional CEOs is a red flag. Here is what a big hedge fund manager has to say on the topic. Teton Capital Partners, the $1.1 billion hedge fund managed by Quincy Lee, struggled during the second quarter thanks to what it described as an “unacceptable performance” from the short
Mid-Year Outlook: Be More Selective in the Second Half
Capital Markets
Key takeaways of our mid-year 2017 outlook The return of the “country factor” For the last 12 months, a rising tide of strong synchronised cyclical data has been lifting most asset classes. We expect that to change: The EU and Japan should strengthen while the US, China and the UK slow or stall. Europe is a bright spot With many
Report: Amazon Has a Secret Team Specializing in Health Tech
Capital Markets
Amazon is adding a new rung on its vertical integration ladder, as CNBC reports a secret skunkworks lab is focusing on the future of health care. The covert team, named 1492 by the company, is exploring topics such as telemedicine, electronic medical records and health apps for Amazon’s various in-home devices. Two people familiar with the situation told CNBC that the
I'm Glad I Hired One of My Startup's Biggest Skeptics
My startup just welcomed its first-ever hire since our launch, and he is not impressed with us. He shouldn’t be–we have so much to do to turn our early milestones into sustainable, long-term success. It is a little weird to interview somebody who doesn’t care a whole lot about what you’ve accomplished so far, and doesn’t mind saying so. But even so, I’m glad
Jeff Bezos Now the World’s Richest Person  
A longstanding piece of trivia has been changed today, as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos officially surpassed Bill Gates’ net worth. Bloomberg reports that a 1.3 percent bump in Amazon shares this morning, bringing the market price to $1,065.92, gave Bezos a $200 million edge over Gates, with their respective net worths at $90.9 and $90.7 billion. Microsoft founder Gates has held
Facebook's Earnings Continues to Impress Analysts, Stifel Sees Upside to $200 Per Share
Capital Markets
Yet again, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) impressed investors with its earnings report, which was highlighted by "impressive" momentum in its advertising business, Stifel's Scott Devitt commented in a research report. The analyst maintains a Buy rating on Facebook's stock with a price target boosted from $170 to $200 (see Devitt's track record here). For the first time in more than four years, Facebook's ad revenue growth was below 50
Video: Why Investors Should Take a Look at British Columbia's Tech Sector
Andrew Work from NexChange talks to Caroline Wong, British Columbia Trade & Investment Representative Office at Rise Hong Kong 2017. The British Columbia Trade & Representative office of Hong Kong was established in Jan 2013. The office works directly with prospective investors, providing client-focused and personalized business services to help major investors access the dynamic economy of British Columbia. The
Bitcoin: Coming Soon to a Visa Card Near You
They’re not “just for drug lords” anymore – according to Bloomberg, an enterprising Singapore-based startup is looking to bring digital currencies into “the real world.” A recurring challenge for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is how to make them work in the real world. A Singapore-based startup says the answer is its Visa card. TenX is pitching its debit card as
Investors Show Signs of Discontent, Direction of Hedge Fund Flows Shifts Again
Hedge Funds
It seemed only a matter of time before investor sentiment caught up to investment performance in 2017, and that appeared to happen in June. While the industry is firmly positive for overall returns and for new flows in 2017, one can’t help but to feel the ground is not as steady as it seems. Hedge Fund Assets Rise Again With
China and Emerging Asia: A New Dawn for the Capital Markets
SUMMARY Investors are more attuned to China than ever, but they may be losing sight of the big picture: China and the entire Asia region are gradually being integrated into the global capital markets. Over the next 12–24 months, we expect that Asia, led by China, will become a far more significant part of the global capital markets and global