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Do This Ritual at the End of Each Week to Become More Productive
It’s obvious that some employees perform at higher levels than others—but why? David Maxfield, vice president of research for the leadership-training firm VitalSmarts, studied 1,594 managers and employees and found that high performers have adopted smart habits, one of which is an important ritual for getting more done: a weekly review. “They keep a sacred, non-negotiable meeting with themselves every week to re-sync,
Jamie Dimon Doubles Down on His Bitcoin Attack
Having already called bitcoin "a fraud," JPMorgan chief executive Jamie Dimon ramped up his attack on the cryptocurrency in an interview with CNBC on Friday, once again asserting that things are going to "end badly" for bitcoin and its investors. Dimon told CNBC that "these crypto things are kind of a novelty" that people think "are kind of neat."However, as
The Daily Leaf Wants to Become 'The Groupon Of Marijuana'
Capital Markets
Marketing legal cannabis and cannabis-derived products is not an easy task. There are all sorts of rules and regulations regarding advertising and promotion of almost every kind. So, how do retailers drive traffic, either to their stores or websites? Some rely on customer engagement platforms that work with text messages. Others prefer to go for old-school discounts. But how do people find
Internet Stock Catalysts: What's Ahead, Who Will Benefit and Who's at Risk
Internet stocks have made double-digit gains in 2017, propelling the tech sector to record highs. While some bears look for signs of a looming bubble — with the memory of the painful sting of the 2000 bubble in mind — others search the blue skies for signs of catalysts that could push the space even higher. Bank of America
High Fidelity: Meet The World’s Top Backer of Unicorns
As part of our 2017 Unicorn Report, we ranked investors—venture capital, private equity, corporate and nontraditional alike—by the number of US unicorns in their portfolios. Silicon Valley’s VC heavyweights made up a healthy portion of the list, but the firm that claimed the No. 1 spot, once again, was mutual fund Fidelity Investments. Also read: Q2/H1 Hedge Fund Letters -
If Your Password Hygiene Sucks, This Password Manager Will Tell on You
It’s some of the most common security advice on the internet: Never use the same password between different accounts. That’s because despite all the attention paid to hackers exploiting so-called “zero-day” exploits, or previously undiscovered security holes, plenty of prominent digital attacks still rely on stolen passwords. Video streaming site Vevo was recently hacked through one-click login app Okta after a “LinkedIn
Fed Keeps Rates the Same; Will Begin Unwinding Assets in October
The Federal Reserve announced on Wednesday that it would maintain the benchmark interest rate at its current 1 percent to 1.25 percent target and confirmed that it would begin to unwind its balance sheet from the economic stimulus program in October. In its statement, the Federal Open Market Committee said it "will initiate the balance sheet normalization program" that it outlined
Analyst: Tesla's Self-Driving Technology is 'Exaggerated'
Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) investors consider the company the leading name in driverless vehicle technology. However, Bernstein analyst Max Warburton believes the driverless technology gap between Tesla and its German counterparts is smaller than most people realize. According to Warburton, Tesla’s biggest advantage is marketing, not technology. In a note on Wednesday, Warburton said Tesla’s Autopilot 2.0, which the company claims “has
The 7 Books Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Says You Need to Lead Smarter
If you spend time with Satya Nadella—as I did on several occasions this year while researching our new cover story on the dramatic impact he’s had on Microsoft since being named CEO in February 2014–you quickly learn how much books matter to him. He reads them, recommends them, and turns to the lessons he’s learned from them again and again as he
Ray Dalio Latest Finance Chief to Slam Bitcoin, Calling it 'A Bubble'
A week after Jamie Dimon called bitcoin "a fraud," the founder of the world's largest hedge fund has leveled his own harsh take on the crypocurrency market. In an interview with CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Tuesday, Bridgewater Associate's Ray Dalio said bitcoin "is a highly speculative market" that is currently "a bubble." Central to his criticism of bitcoin is Dalio's