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CBOE To Discontinue Bitcoin Futures Trading
CBOE Global Markets announced last week that it does not intend to list additional XBT futures contracts for trading, according to The Wall Street Journal. What Happened XBT is the symbol for bitcoin futures listed by CBOE. Monthly futures contracts expire every month; since CBOE will not list new futures going forward, the market will wind down with the expiration
NVIDIA’s AI Transforms Sketches Into Photorealistic Landscapes
Image Source: NVIDIA/Screenshot NVIDIA’s AI researchers developed a deep learning model which is capable of transforming doodles into photorealistic landscapes that we might usually see on different Instagram, photography-themed accounts. There are so many details and such high texture quality that we can easily get fooled into thinking it was actual photography. NVIDIA’s AI uses generative adversarial networks (GANs) to
Video: Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower Britanny Kaiser at Hong Kong Blockchain Week
Hong Kong Blockchain Week played host to a stellar group of speakers, including Brittany Kaiser, the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower and Digital Asset Trade Association founder. The star speaker of the event, Kaiser took the stage to talk about the #ownyourdata campaign and how she works with U.S. legislators to protect consumer data: “before our wallpapers start producing data about how
Video: Dušan Stojanović at Hong Kong Blockchain Week
Hong Kong’s largest blockchain event – Hong Kong Blockchain Week – brought together more than 4,000 people from across the globe to network and explore the various developments in the ever-advancing world of blockchain technology. Among the event’s many, notable speakers was Dušan Stojanović, founder of the international early-stage venture capital firm True Global Ventures. Stojanović shared his thoughts on
Pakistan To Soon Make Bitcoin Trade Legal [REPORT]
vjkombajn / Pixabay Reports have surfaced that Pakistan will soon make Bitcoin a legal currency. The crypto-currency has provided a way for individuals to avoid paying taxes on income and allowed organizations to launder their money without being tracked by the Pakistani government. In a report released on Sunday, Business Recorder noted that Asad Umar, Pakistan’s Finance Minister, has been
The Deteriorating State of Earnings in Asia
Slowing global trade has weighed down export-oriented markets in Asia, and the regional earnings outlook has been deteriorating rapidly. Over the past six months, earnings expectations have been revised down 4% for the MSCI All Country Asia Pacific Ex-Japan Index.1 For December, the earnings revision ratio (which compares positive versus negative revisions) fell to 0.39, the worst reading ever recorded
The Style Cycle: Equity Factors and Macro Data Diverge
The performance of equity factors such as value, quality and low risk tends to track the economic cycle, and their recent behavior has eased concerns among many investors that the economy is slowing. Yet we believe investors should be cautious. The value factor, which historically tends to perform well in expansions, has outperformed the more defensive quality and low-risk factors
College Admissions Fraud – Are Blockchain Credentials The Answer?
The college admissions scandal: until we rethink verification, fraud will remain a way of life Earlier this week, news broke of a massive college admissions scam that implicates dozens of wealthy parents and other parties, exposing a web of corruption, bribery and falsified student information. While influence-peddling in higher education is nothing new, the depth and brazenness of the acts
Video: SWIFT’s Lisa O’Connor on the Company’s DLT Dreams Plus a Panel on the Practical Applications of Blockchain in Finance
Hosted by the NexChange Group, the 2019 Hong Kong Blockchain Week gathered over 4,000 attendees and more than 175 speakers from around the globe to explore the latest in the ever-evolving world of blockchain. Among the event’s array of noteworthy speakers was SWIFT Managing Director Lisa O’Connor. O’Connor opened the kimono on what SWIFT plans to do through DLT and
Emerging Markets Record Mixed Performances in February
Emerging market equities saw mixed performances in February, with stocks in Asia faring better than stocks in Latin America and emerging Europe, which underperformed. Franklin Templeton’s Emerging Markets Equity team outlines what drove market moves during the month and where they see opportunities today. They see reasons to be optimistic about Brazil in particular. Three Things We’re Thinking About Today