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Making Sense of the Markets and Shutdown Shock
  Making Sense of the Market Shutdown Shock   An expanding number of universities in the United States, including my alma mater, are making standardized testing optional for applicants. Critics say the tests are imperfect predictors of success in college, and suggest placing additional emphasis on a candidate’s classwork, activities and essays. I am incredibly fortunate that the new rubric
Glimpse into the Future At Hong Kong Blockchain Week
The first thing to know about blockchain technology is that there is a lot to know. There is, of course, Bitcoin, which has always been seen as Batman to blockchain's Robin, or vice-versa. But since those early days when Bitcoin and blockchain were seemingly joined at the hip, the nascent technology has begun to outgrow its exclusivity with cryptocurrencies: From
Mark Zuckerberg Will Hold Public Discussions on the Future of Tech
In what has become an annual January tradition, Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook and posted a challenge that he's set for himself this year, following previous challenges that have included eating only meat from animals that he kills himself, learning Mandarin and running 365 miles. After a year in which Zuckerberg and Facebook saw their reputations hit all-time lows due
Crisis and Opportunity in Emerging Debt
Executive Summary Emerging market sovereign debt in U.S. dollars can offer strong returns for investors who can ride out periodic bouts of volatility caused by concurrent crises in one or more countries. Crises, though real and frequent, are not typically as destructive to a country’s fundamentals as observers imagine. When crises drive valuations to over-discount changes to long-term country fundamentals,
Why Some Doctors Are Concerned About Apple Watch’s ECG Feature
Image Source: Apple (screenshot) Many consider the Apple Watch’s ECG feature to be a very useful one. It is the first consumer-focused ECG available without a prescription, and it makes the Apple Watch more than just a fitness band. Although it has already been credited with saving a life, some doctors feel it may do more harm than good. A waste
4 Tech Stocks That Are Showing Signs of Life Right Now
New year, new market? The disaster that was Q4 may have shaken investor confidence in 2019, but U.S. equities have started the year with three out of four up days. Whether this is a sign of an all-out reversal or merely a short-term bounce remains to be seen, but the "mini-rally" for tech investors the past couple of weeks have
Cyber Security Trends That Would Impact Businesses in 2019
As we move into 2019, the need to keep on constantly updating our organization from the Cyber Security point of view tends to take central role across any organization that we are a part of. That it has become as imperative a discussion point as the top and bottom line, investors, working capital, or perhaps mergers and acquisitions is down
China: Current Questions, Long-Term Opportunities
What happens with the Chinese economy? How much does it slow? Very, very difficult forecast to make. I was in Beijing a few weeks ago and meeting with a number of senior, kind of, government officials and other very—let’s put it this way—plugged-in constituents in that market. And I think the one takeaway I walked away with is: the goal
Report: APAC Healthtech Posts Its Largest Year of Funding
2018 was a blockbuster year for Asia-Pacific healthtech, according to a new report by Galen Growth Asia. “Asia HealthTech closed the year at a record breaking US$6.3B, confirming it as the 2nd largest digital health ecosystem in the world,” writes Julien de Salaberry, CEO and founder of the Singapore-based healthtech research and advisory firm. Funding in 2018 broke through all
Keith Rabois isn't a Fan of How SoftBank Invests its Money
Keith Rabois knows a thing or two about investing in companies and helping to grow them, having done both with some of the biggest names in tech, including PayPal, LinkedIn, Square and Yelp. And so, it's worth paying attention to the Khosla Ventures partner when he's leveling criticism about someone else's investment strategy - especially when that someone else happens