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Activist Short Selling Pays Off
Hedge Funds
Activist Insight Shorts data show over 70% of stocks targeted by an activist short seller trade lower after a week In February this year, Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square Capital Management exited its longstanding short position in Herbalife due to its major loss in the holding. Even with a Federal Trade Commission investigation into Herbalife’s business practices, Ackman still lost the bet.
Report: U.S. Considers Payback Over China's Restrictions on Cloud Computing
The Trump administration is weighing potential retaliation against China in response to the Chinese government's restrictions on cloud computing and other high-tech services offered by American companies, the Wall Street Journal reports. The U.S. trade representative’s office (USTR) is reportedly putting together a trade complaint against China "probably under Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974, arguing that the
Dropbox, Spotify Have Venture Capitalists Extremely Bullish About Tech IPO Market
In the end, 2017 did not turn out to be the big turnaround for the tech IPO market that many analysts had predicted - or at least hoped for - following a historically bad year in 2016. Fairly or not, a lot of the blame for the mediocre showing last year  - okay, most of the blame - was placed
Cloud Competition: Morgan Stanley Downgrades Fortinet, Raises Palo Alto Networks' Price Target
Public cloud stocks have underperformed the broader market in recent years, and the market is only pricing in 5-percent topline growth through the end of the decade, according to an industrywide Morgan Stanley report. The sell-side firm's analysts project topline growth of 9 percent in the sector, but said that not all companies will benefit equally from the growth over
NexChange’s Fintech O2O Gathers Fintech Leaders From Around the Globe
Leaders in blockchain, AI, cybersecurity, insurtech, regtech, payments, and investments will descend on Hong Kong this May for a multivariate event that will explore the confluence of different fintech sectors. “Advances in blockchain and cybersecurity are going to need to implement AI solutions. Payment gateways will have to integrate with leading open banking solutions to deliver real utility to users.
Hedge Fund up 7.4% in Q1 Warns of Trade Wars and Real Wars
Hedge Funds
Livermore Q1 letter to investors – gains of 7.4% for Q1 – see the full letter on HiddenValueStocks As we approach Q2, our theme continues to gain as volatility is here to stay. Which finally witnessed the pendulum swing back to active investing. Coupled with Livermore’s select activist approach, can work very well as price discovery on sell-offs become overdone
Checks and Balances
  Checks and Balances The U.S. Faces Daunting Deficits U.S./Asia Trade Frictions Are Not New   I still balance our checkbook every month. I realize that I am in the minority; only a third of Americans use checks regularly and only 20% reconcile their personal ledgers with their bank statements. But I’ve always found the discipline useful. At first, it
This Underappreciated Job Skill is All in Your Head
The faster things change–work priorities, technologies, even social norms–the harder it is to stay competitive in the workforce. Adaptability, broadly speaking, is essentially table stakes for keeping up in the future of work. But there’s one skill in particular that can help you adapt no matter what gets thrown at you, and it’s one that doesn’t often make it into
If Your Smart Home Doesn't Have a Smart Doorbell, Can it Really Be That Smart?
Amazon has been bulking up its smart-home offerings over the past year, pushing out the Cloud Cam - which is a fairly basic home security camera - and its Amazon Key, which allows couriers to open your house, as long as you have a smart lock and the Amazon Cloud Cam, naturally. But even though you may have a smart
18 Internet Stocks And What to Do With Them
Monness Crespi Hardt updated its coverage of 18 popular internet stocks. The firm has mixed reviews of the space, and its commentary and ratings suggest investors should be careful in choosing their internet portfolios these days. Here’s a rundown of what Monness Crespi Hardt analysts had to say. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) initiated at Buy with a $235 target. Monness