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Meet the Skeleton Crew of Data Experts Behind the Paradise Papers Leak
Last weekend, media outlets around the world released stories based on the Paradise Papers, a collection of more than 13 million leaked files detailing how the world’s wealthiest people have parked their money in offshore tax havens. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists analyzed the documents along with 380 reporters at least 95 organizations around the globe, after they were first obtained by
Qualcomm Rejects Broadcom's Unsolicited $105-Billion Takeover Bid
The biggest tech takeover in history is not happening: Qualcomm Inc. announced on Monday that its board has unanimously rejected Broadcom's unsolicited $105-billion bid, saying that the offer undervalues the company and would be a bad deal for shareholders. “It is the Board’s unanimous belief that Broadcom’s proposal significantly undervalues Qualcomm relative to the Company’s leadership position in mobile technology
Report: SoftBank Will Invest Billions in Uber; But Some Now See a Threat to the IPO Market
The long-expected investment in Uber by SoftBank is now a reality as a spokesperson for the ride-sharing company confirmed the deal to TechCrunch on Monday. The investment will presumably come from the SoftBank's $100-billion Vision Fund, which the Japanese telecommunications giant launched with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund to invest in tech firms across the globe. These investments have been fast and furious,
'Digital Industrial' Firms Talk Pros and Cons of Automation, AI at Detroit Summit
With the emergence of 3-D holographic engine models and windshield-projected driving directions, industry as we know it is being upended. Technology is enabling technology that produces technology, yielding a new paradigm. “We are moving from a place to a pace,” Howard Heppelmann, divisional vice president and general manager of connected operations solutions at PTC Inc (NASDAQ: PTC), said at Automation Alley’s Global Industry 4.0
Hong Kong Fintech Week: Days 1 & 2
The second annual Hong Kong Fintech Week may have drawn to a close but for those who weren’t able to make it, here are some of the key insights. Organized by InvestHK, Fintech Week Hong Kong 2017 gathered thousands of entrepreneurs, regulators, incubators, venture capitalists, and service providers to the former colony and among other things, further cemented Hong Kong’s
Bill Ackman Blames People for His Defeat at ADP
Hedge Funds
Bill Ackman has blamed a lot of people for his defeat at Automatic Data Processing (ADP), while saying the company’s description of the result is inaccurate. The Pershing Square Capital Management CEO received under 25% of the votes cast at the meeting, according to a statement from ADP, while his fellow nominees may have performed worse. To Ackman, the defeat
A Story of Risk Management, and Flying to the Moon
Risk management is a key part of many endeavors, from space travel to investment management. In either case, achieving one’s goals requires awareness of what could go wrong, as well as careful attention to details in often-changing conditions to ensure the smoothest possible journey. Tilak Lal, vice president, Performance Analysis & Investment Risk at Franklin Templeton Investments, describes what risk
11 Ways to Use the Holiday Slump to Update Your Digital Presence
I live in the Pacific Northwest, and winter came in a hurry last week: It snowed here the day after Halloween, and I spotted Starbucks holiday cups in every commuter’s hands at the bus stop. Grumble all you want about brands jumping the gun to market the winter holidays, but the truth is that the out-of-office responses are going to
Concerned Wall Street Analyst: President Trump Needs to Exercise, Get Some Sleep and Eat Better
With President George W. Bush being an avid runner and President Obama fond of organizing pick-up basketball games with White House staff and pro players, America's last two presidents were both trim, physically fit exercise buffs. But President Trump? Eh, not so much. The current president's poor fitness and diet choices have been pretty well documented in the media, but now comes an
Tesla is to Vehicles What Apple Was to Cell Phones, According to This Analyst
Capital Markets
The Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone has been one of the most successful products of all time and has created some huge returns for Apple investors over the past decade. According to one analyst, Tesla Inc(NASDAQ: TSLA) may be on the brink of following in Apple’s footsteps. The Analyst Nomura analyst Romit Shah. The Rating Nomura maintains a Buy rating and $500 price target for Tesla. The Thesis