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Another One Bites the Dust – BTC China to Halt All Crypto Trading
Hot on the heels of Bitkan’s OTC bitcoin trading shut down, BTC China – one of the Middle Kingdom’s largest bitcoin exchanges – announced that it too will suspend bitcoin trading. 1/ After carefully considering the announcement published by Chinese regulators on 09/04, BTCChina Exchange will stop all trading on 09/30. — BTCC (@YourBTCC) September 14, 2017 No explanation was
China’s Rising Presence in Emerging Debt Markets
Introduction Countless articles have been written in the past 10 years predicting (or warning) of China’s imminent financial demise, with the number of articles accelerating in recent years amid China’s debt build-up in the post Global Financial Crisis period. Investing on the basis of a “China collapse” view of the world would likely have resulted in more risk-averse portfolios in
Bain Capital Approaches $10 Billion for Latest Fund
Bain Capital has raised $9.4 billion for its 12th flagship buyout vehicle, according to Bloomberg, surpassing both a $7 billion target and an $8 billion hard cap. The additional $1.4 billion will reportedly come from the firm itself, representing a bigger contribution than is typical for the Boston-based buyout shop. The news is yet another example of the current red-hot
Martin Shkreli Jailed For Placing a Bounty on Hillary Clinton's Hair
Martin Shkreli, the so-called ‘pharma bro’ who was convicted on three counts of fraud last month, but was out on a $5 million bail while awaiting sentencing, was sent to jail on Wednesday after he published two posts on Facebook offering $5,000 for anyone who could get a strand of Hillary Clinton's hair during her current book tour. Judge Kiyo A. Matsumoto said
The Reviews Are In: Apple Needed to Go Bolder, Better With New Lineup of iPhones
After all the hype and pomp-filled presentations, the tech community is taking a sobering second look at Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL)’s new smartphones, and the reviews are pretty mixed for the ballyhooed phone of the future. The blowback from hands-on techno sages suggests that Apple didn't so much make the smartphone of tomorrow, but bought a bit of time for today’s consumer market.
China's Bitkan Suspends OTC Bitcoin Trading Following ICO Ban
With Beijing cracking down on everything bitcoiney, one of China’s more popular cryptocurrency trading platforms, Bitkan, has decided to suspend some operations. SCMP: “..China’s Bitkan said it would suspend its over-the-counter (OTC) bitcoin and bitcoin cash trading services from Thursday. The move is in response to the recent ban on the practice of initial coin offerings (ICOs), Bitkan said in
Brazil's Largest Hedge Fund Warns of Calm Before the Storm
Hedge Funds
Verde Asset Management SA, Brazil’s largest hedge fund, managed by Luis Stuhlberger, added 1.89% during July bringing year-to-date returns to 4.53%, below the 6.5% that Brazil’s benchmark CDI interbank interest rate has returned over the same period, and is sticking to his ultra-bearish views, that’s according to the fund’s July letter to investors, a copy of which has been reviewed by
2017 Winners Make Peculiar Bedfellows
Russ explores why both risky assets and traditional safe havens have performed well this year, and whether that can continue. Thus far, 2017 has been notable for solid gains, not intellectual consistency. For various reasons, investors have demonstrated a marked preference to “barbell” their risk. Year-to-date performance suggests a preference for either very risky or very safe assets. The year’s
Vikram Pandit: AI and Robots Could Wipe Out 30% of Bank Jobs in the Next Five Years
Vikram Pandit, the former chief executive of Citigroup, said in an interview with Bloomberg Television on Wednesday that advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics could make 30 percent of banking jobs obsolete within the next five years. Pandit, who is now the CEO of The Orogen Group and will be speaking about the future of the banking industry at NexChange's
No, the New iPhone is Not a Make-Or-Break Moment For Apple’s iPhone Business
A lot of people are framing the launch of the new iPhone X as Apple’s chance to revive a flagging iPhone business. The last couple of phone releases, it’s said, have not delivered the kind of blockbuster power Apple needs to sustain growth. Now comes the 10th anniversary iPhone X–the super phone, the mold breaker, and Apple’s best chance for another huge hit!