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The Future Of Autonomous Ships Rests In Their Ability To Tackle Cyberattacks
AI, Smart Cities
At the Autonomous Ship Technology conference in Amsterdam, Joseph Beel, the strategic programs manager at Cisco, spoke on how advancements in the domains of Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and mobility systems are disrupting the way the maritime industry operates – while subsequently putting vessels under cybersecurity risks arising from the considerable increase in attack avenues. "If you
Bitcoin Price Drops $1,700 In Minutes After Coinbase’s Website Crashed
MichaelWuensch / Pixabay The bitcoin price plunged as much as $1,700 in just 15 minutes after crypto exchange Coinbase’s website crashed on Wednesday afternoon. This massive drop comes after the bitcoin price hit a 17-month high of over $13,700 on Tuesday. After Coinbase’s website crashed, it showed this message: “An error has occurred. We’ve been notified about the issue and
Bitcoin Cheerleader Less Cheery After Potentially Causing Market Crash
Galaxy Digital founder Michael Novogratz did not have a great day. Financial Review: …Thursday's reversal prompted one of bitcoin's biggest proponents, Mike Novogratz, to lament on not having taken more money off the table before the coin lost nearly all its gains. That may have contributed to its swift demise, according to John Spallanzani, portfolio manager at Miller Value Partners.
Accountancy Giant PwC Adds Crypto Auditing to Its List of Services
PwC, the Big Four accounting firm, can now audit crypto companies, writes Bloomberg: Teams across PwC spent the past year designing tools that could match the private keys and public addresses assigned to crypto asset accounts, Ralph Weinberger, head of PwC's Global Assurance Methodology, Learning and Education Organization, said by phone. The auditor's tools can't access the unique alphanumeric security
Self-Driving Start-Up Acquired By Apple
AI, Smart Cities
Hours before self-driving start-up was scheduled to close its doors and lay off all of its staff, Apple Inc AAPL swooped in to buy the company., an autonomous driving shuttle service once valued at $200 million, is believed to have been purchased by Apple for less than the $77 million raised from venture capital sources. Read more at
What’s Good for the Chinese Consumer Is Good for Investors
Headlines scream daily about the “trade war” between the U.S. and China, spurred by real and threatened tariffs and fitful negotiations. These are not small issues, given that the U.S. accounts for almost 25% of global gross domestic product (GDP), and China is second at around 16%. The longer it lasts, the bigger the impact on these and other economies
Fintechs And Financial Institutions: The Case For Collaboration
Fintech firms and financial institutions are often viewed as rivals. Fintechs are spawning innovations that allow users to bypass traditional banks, especially in emerging markets where branch banking is inconvenient. Rather than spend hours traveling to a branch and even more time standing in line, digital innovation makes banking possible by downloading a smartphone app or keying in a USSD code.
Virtual Banks a ‘Major Threat’ to HSBC’s Dominance in Hong Kong
Hong Kong’s most dominant bank may have some tough times ahead. According to the Financial Times, HSBC’s supremacy in Hong Kong could soon be put to the test, thanks to the former colony’s eight upcoming virtual banks. Analysts say that while there’s very little chance the bank would lose significant deposits to the upstarts, it’s profit margins are a different
Xero Aggressively Targets Underpenetrated Cloud Accounting Market
Cloud adoption has become one of the most noticeable shifts in business in recent years, but accounting has lagged its peers in following the trend. About The Company The Wellington, New Zealand-based Xero XROLF is helping pioneer the cloud accounting revolution, which is changing the way small businesses operate. Read more at Benzinga. Photo: David Terrar
The Risk of Too Little Inflation
Low inflation may sound appealing, but as Russ explains, it has drawbacks for investors. By any account the U.S. equity market is having a stellar year. Stocks have benefited from easier financial conditions, which have in turn pushed up market multiples. By a happy coincidence, gains in market multiples have exactly matched the 15% gain in the S&P 500 Index.