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Algos Expand into the World of Long-Term Investors
Algorithms are expanding their reach in the world of trading, a Greenwich Associates report observes. What was at one point the purview of high-frequency traders and systematic CTAs has now moved to the point long-term investors and corporate end-users are using algorithms to execute their FX trades. This is having an impact on markets, with different types of algorithms suiting
Cybersecurity ETF Has a Treat For Investors: Lower Annual Fees
With all the talk of Russia's alleged cyber interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and news of proven cyber security breaches, the PureFunds ISE Cyber Security ETF (NYSE: HACK) has been getting plenty of attention this year. More importantly, HACK, the first and still the largest exchange-traded fund dedicated to cybersecurity stocks, is higher by 15.3 percent year to
Fund Managers Remain Overweight Cash and Underweight US Equities
Summary: Global equities have risen 5% in the past 3 months and nearly 20% in the past year, yet fund managers continue to hold significant amounts of cash, suggesting lingering doubts and fears. They have become more bullish towards equities, but not excessively so: less than half expect better profits and a better economy in the next 12 months. Allocations
Massive Inflows Into Global Bond Funds
Europe Bond Funds see record inflows At the end of May, Barron’s reported that according to EPFR the Boston-based fund monitor, the collective performance of EPFR Global-tracked Bond Funds is running at around a quarter of the number turned in by Equity Funds. However, it seems investors are gradually trying to correct this imbalance. For the weekly period ending May 24,
Bond Guru Bill Gross: Current Market Risk at the Level of Pre-2008 Crisis
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Bill Gross has not seen U.S. market risk levels this high since just before the 2008 financial crisis, Bloomberg reports.  The 73-year-old Bond King believes investors are paying dangerously high prices for low returns. “Instead of buying low and selling high, you’re buying high and crossing your fingers,” he told the Bloomberg Invest New York summit today. According to Gross, asset prices are being
Revisiting Buffett's 1999 Warning: Interest Rates, Orgies, and Value
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Dear Fellow Investors, We thought it would be very helpful to review Warren Buffett’s argument in 1999, the last time there was very high expectations attached to technology stocks and to the overall level of common stock prices. We will reference Buffett’s quotes by the year he said them. The sections labeled 2017 offer our current observations on the markets
Funds (Finally) Outperform Thanks to Massive Allocation to FANG
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What has been the impetus for a host of active mutual fund outperformance against the S&P 500 benchmark in early 2017? Exposure to the Information Technology sector, a May 26 Goldman Sachs report observes. But with this recent outperformance in the rear view mirror, fund managers are reducing exposure to the sector that delivered the mutual fund outperformance, bringing their exposure
Soc Gen: Active Managers Might Be Responsible for Rise of Passive AUM
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Passive Investing and the role of active managers  last updated By Mark Melin May 26 8:00 PM In the battle between active and passive investing, passive has been the overwhelming winner as of late, with projections it will overtake active in the US by 2024. But that still doesn’t mean active is dead. In fact, active management still continues to dwarf
Larry Fink Doubles Down on Bearish Outlook For U.S. Economy
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After saying in an interview a month ago that he’s seeing “some warning signs that are getting darker” for the U.S. economy, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink reiterated his pessimism at an investing conference on Tuesday, while saying that he expects stronger growth in Europe by comparison, Bloomberg reports. Fink's pessimism over economic growth in the U.S. is tied to continued uncertainty
Tweedy, Browne: How to Invest for the Long Term
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There are few investment firms out there that have a history that’s as rich as that of Tweedy, Browne.Founded in 1920 as a dealer of closely held securities, the firm has gone from strength to strength, and while it has changed its primary line of business during its 97-year history, the company’s principles remain unchanged. Value investing also remains at