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SEC Charges DJ Khaled, Floyd Mayweather Jr. With Illegally Promoting ICOs
The Securities and Exchange Commission charged music producer DJ Khaled (real name Khaled Khaled) and boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. with failing to disclose payments they received for promoting investments in a series of initial coin offerings (ICOs). Mayweather agreed to pay $300,000 in disgorgement, a $300,000 penalty, and $14,775 in prejudgment interest. Khaled agreed to pay $50,000 in disgorgement,
A Tale of Two “Stablecoins”: How Tether and Dai Track USD
Bears have taken an iron grip on the cryptocurrency market, sending the bitcoin price plunging below $5,000 to its lowest price of the year so far. Despite the weakness in the crypto market, many early adopters remain convinced that blockchain technology is the future of payments. One of the results of this dogmatic view has been the development of so-called
Playing the Long Game With Cryptocurrencies
Let's get this out of the way right here at the beginning: As we enter the final month of 2018, there is no reason to be optimistic about the prospects of Bitcoin, at least if for some reason you're still holding out hope for a turnaround in 2018. If your confidence in Bitcoin was already shaken by its dreadful performance
Fred Wilson on Crypto Plunge: 'Things Will Get Worse Before They Get Better'
Fred Wilson is a man who knows the peaks and valleys of finance, having been an investor during the boom and bust of the dotcom era in the late '90s and early 2000s. Wilson, co-founder of the New York City-based Union Square Ventures, was also an early investor in Bitcoin. In a blog post published this week, Wilson drew parallels
What Thanksgiving Cranberries and Bitcoin Have in Common
Football is as much a part of Thanksgiving as turkey and family are, and nearly as old as the holiday itself. It was President Abraham Lincoln who proclaimed Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863, saying that he hoped all Americans would carve out some time to bless the “widows, orphans, mourners or sufferers in the lamentable civil strife in which
Bitcoin Lost Nearly a Third of its Value in Seven Days
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Bitcoin's dreadful year appears to be coming to a disastrous end: The world's largest cryptocurrency by market value dropped as much as 14 percent on Monday to $3,675 - and lost nearly a third of its value in the past seven days - as it's suffered one of the worst weekly selloffs in its history. Bitcoin has now plunged nearly
Hong Kong’s Bit-Z Exchange Lists Ripple’s XRP
One of Hong Kong’s most popular crypto exchanges has something new for crypto investors, writes the Global Coin Report: So, the announcement says that starting today, Bit-Z will be supporting Ripple’s XRP for trade and exchange. Not only that, it won’t be paired with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies only (which is the most common scenario, to the frustration of many)
Why Central Bank Digital Currencies Will Destroy Cryptocurrencies
Leading economic policymakers are now considering whether central banks should issue their own digital currencies, to be made available to everyone, rather than just to licensed commercial banks. The idea deserves serious consideration, as it would replace an inherently crisis-prone banking system and close the door on crypto-scammers. NEW YORK – The world’s central bankers have begun to discuss the
Will Regs in 2018 Will Pave the Way for Bakkt in 2019?
At first glance, 2018 has been a rough year for the crypto sector. Bitcoin reached its record high December 17, 2017, surpassing $19,700, before subsequently dropping – and remaining remarkably stagnant – ever since. Things took a turn for the worse even still when Google and Facebook banned crypto ads earlier in 2018. TheDigitalArtist / Pixabay While prices may not
Samsung-Backed Blockchain Startup Scores $30 Million From Sequoia China, Others
Things are looking good for one of Hong Kong’s blockchain startups, according to DealStreetAsia: Hong Kong-based blockchain startup AERGO has raised $30 million in venture funding from investors including Sequoia Capital China, GBIC (Global Blockchain Innovative Capital) and Neo Global Capital. Other participating investors included Dekrypt Capital, FBG Capital, Arrington XRP Capital, JRR Crypto, Rockaway Capital and Block Crafters Capital.