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The Daily Leaf Wants to Become 'The Groupon Of Marijuana'
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Marketing legal cannabis and cannabis-derived products is not an easy task. There are all sorts of rules and regulations regarding advertising and promotion of almost every kind. So, how do retailers drive traffic, either to their stores or websites? Some rely on customer engagement platforms that work with text messages. Others prefer to go for old-school discounts. But how do people find
Internet Stock Catalysts: What's Ahead, Who Will Benefit and Who's at Risk
Internet stocks have made double-digit gains in 2017, propelling the tech sector to record highs. While some bears look for signs of a looming bubble — with the memory of the painful sting of the 2000 bubble in mind — others search the blue skies for signs of catalysts that could push the space even higher. Bank of America
Fed Keeps Rates the Same; Will Begin Unwinding Assets in October
The Federal Reserve announced on Wednesday that it would maintain the benchmark interest rate at its current 1 percent to 1.25 percent target and confirmed that it would begin to unwind its balance sheet from the economic stimulus program in October. In its statement, the Federal Open Market Committee said it "will initiate the balance sheet normalization program" that it outlined
Analyst: Tesla's Self-Driving Technology is 'Exaggerated'
Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) investors consider the company the leading name in driverless vehicle technology. However, Bernstein analyst Max Warburton believes the driverless technology gap between Tesla and its German counterparts is smaller than most people realize. According to Warburton, Tesla’s biggest advantage is marketing, not technology. In a note on Wednesday, Warburton said Tesla’s Autopilot 2.0, which the company claims “has
Report: Equifax Suffered Another Major Security Breach in March
Equifax Inc. revealed on Sept. 7 that a major cyberattack compromised sensitive information of about 143 million Americans, but Bloomberg is now reporting that the credit agency actually learned that it had suffered another major security breach back in March - or five months before it was disclosed. Per Bloomberg: In a statement, the company said the March breach was not
Only in New York? The Big Apple Wants Amazon's New HQ
Amazon recently announced its plans to open a second headquarters in North America, which means that most big (and even some smaller) cities will be lining up to kiss Jeff Bezos' ring in hopes of landing the coveted new HQ. One of those big (really big) cities officially making its pitch to Amazon is New York City, which is essentially selling
7 Takeaways From Apple Investor Meetings Suggest Concern Over Face ID, iPhone X Pricing
Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) investors had their biggest week of the year, with the company finally unveiling its highly-anticipated 10-year anniversary iPhone family of products. Following the event, KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo discussed Apple’s new devices with customers, and she said the jury is still out on the iPhone X, at least until preorders begin on Oct. 27. In a new note, Kuo outlined seven
Report: Alphabet Could Be Making a Big Investment in Uber's Main Rival
Alphabet has been in talks with Lyft about possibly making a $1-billion investment in Uber's main ride-sharing rival, Axios reports. Axios notes that Google's parent company has several investment arms and it's not clear which group would be involved in the potential deal. However, sources tell Axios that the talks with Lyft are being led by top Alphabet execs, including
Familiar Silicon Valley Saga: Women File Class-Action Lawsuit Against Google
Three former employees have filed a class-action discrimination lawsuit against Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL), which is already under an intense federal probe into allegations it pays women less than men and hinders their upward mobility at the company. In another blow against the frat-boy culture that purportedly pervades Silicon Valley, the lawsuit is a direct outgrowth of the ongoing U.S. Department of Labor probe of
China’s Rising Presence in Emerging Debt Markets
Introduction Countless articles have been written in the past 10 years predicting (or warning) of China’s imminent financial demise, with the number of articles accelerating in recent years amid China’s debt build-up in the post Global Financial Crisis period. Investing on the basis of a “China collapse” view of the world would likely have resulted in more risk-averse portfolios in