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U.S. Core CPI Accelerates in January on Post?Holiday Retail Bounce
U.S. inflation continued to accelerate in January, with a 0.349% month-over-month advance in core Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation (which excludes food and energy prices) – the strongest gain since 2001. We attribute advances in the January print in part to methodological changesand a bounce in retail prices after strong holiday discounting. More broadly, core CPI inflation appears to have
Official Who Guided Korea’s Crypto Crackdown Found Dead at Home
Jung Ki-joon, who helped coordinate South Korea’s recent cryptocurrency crackdown, was found dead at his home, the Wall Street Journal reports: A South Korean official who guided Seoul’s regulatory clampdown on cryptocurrencies was found dead on Sunday, according to a government spokesman. Jung Ki-joon, 52, was head of economic policy at the Office for Government Policy Coordination. He helped coordinate
Report: Peter Thiel Maybe Made a Killing By Betting Big on Volatility
It turns out Peter Thiel might have a little extra cash on hand to help him settle into his new home in Los Angeles. The billionaire PayPal co-founder and early Facebook investor, who is ditching Silicon Valley for L.A., made a bet at the end of last year through Thiel Macro - which manages his fortune - "tied to the
Blue Apron Loses 15% of its Customers; Its IPO is Still a Disaster
Two of the most hyped public offerings last year in the tech space were Snap Inc. and Blue Apron (which is only tangentially a tech company, but it's on Nasdaq so we'll go with it) - and neither went very well. Snap quickly fell below its IPO price, while Blue Apron fell below the price of one of its meals.
How TD Ameritrade's Twitter Chatbot Works
TD Ameritrade (NASDAQ: AMTD) launched its new Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) chatbot last week, allowing clients to check their account and trade directly from Twitter, and with the sudden return of volatility to the market the timing couldn’t really have been better. This represents the brokerage’s latest partnership with a major tech company—their Facebook chatbot went live in August and they’ve
Exit Stage South: Peter Thiel Leaves Silicon Valley For Los Angeles
Silicon Valley's liberal elites won't have Peter Thiel to kick around anymore. Everyone's favorite (or least favorite, take your pick) libertarian tech pioneer is ditching Silicon Valley for Los Angeles and will begin to pare down his investments in the technology space, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Journal also reports that Thiel has considered resigning from Facebook's board, where
Atari Looks to Evolve From Ms. Pac-Man and Donkey Kong to Cryprocurrencies
If you're the type of person - middle-aged, but young at heart - who still crows about your exploits at the local arcade back in the '80s when you posted unbeatable scores in Ms. Pac-Man or Space Invaders or Frogger or Galaga, then you're the type of person who might be interested in the crypto craze's latest entrant: Atari AS,
The Tech Giants That Are Hiring For Blockchain Positions
Investors and analysts remain polarized about where cryptocurrncy prices are headed long-term, but a number of experts agree that the underlying blockchain technology driving bitcoin and other cryptos could be a major economic driver for decades to come. Instead of gambling on cryptocurrency investments, younger, tech-savvy Americans can take the opportunity to learn more about blockchain technology and potentially get
Equity Market Sell-Off: Return to Reality?
Global equity markets are still hurting from last week’s sell-off. Yet the renewed volatility could mark a return to reality after an unusually long period of steady gains and may even foster a healthier investing environment over time. Investors are understandably unsettled, especially given the dramatic spike in volatility (Display, left). The extremely high trading volume of exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
Litecoin Cash is Coming, But There's Some Controversy About its Legitimacy
Bitcoin has recived the lion’s share of cryptocurrency headlines in the past year, but a handful of popular altcoins have begun to get some major investor support as well. As of Tuesday morning, Litecoin was the sixth largest global cryptocurrency, with a market cap of more than $8.6 billion. The Litecoin Cash Foundation, which is unaffiliated with Litecoin, announced it