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Video: The biggest barrier to entry: Developing domain knowledge
FinTech, Video
Ajmal Samuel, CEO, Octo3 discusses with NexChange the biggest barriers to entry for wannabe disruptors in Hong Kong: domain knowledge. Most don't understand the arcane details and the challenges entailed when it comes to fintech -- and when they do, many just "run away."
Video: MaRS focuses on global partnerships for fintech companies
FinTech, Video
Toronto-based MaRS is forging partners globally to benefit fintech companies. In November, MaRS paired up with Hong Kong's Cyberport for a one-day conference. In an interview with NexChange, Adam Nanjee, head of financial technology at MaRS, explains the strategy and how it benefits fintech startups.
Video: Hong Kong needs to cultivate more IT talent to match its finance skills
FinTech, Video
Jacob Wai, a committee member of the Hong Kong Computer Society, says Hong Kong needs to cultivate more IT talent to get to the next level in fintech. In an interview with NexChange, Wai notes that the island nation has a superior finance talent base.
Video: Hong Kong needs more accelerators to nurture its fintech ecosystem
FinTech, Video
Hong Kong needs to develop more accelerators and angel investors, says Tak Lo, director, TechStars in London. "There is lots of private money in Hong Kong spent on other things," he tells NexChange at an O-2-O event sponsored by Cyberport.
Video: 'Robo advisor' is for technophobes
April Rudin, founder of The Rudin Group, explains why she thinks we should lose the term "robo advisor:"  Technology should be an advisor's best friend.