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IoT: Potential And Impact On How We Execute Business Processes
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The business world is in the early days of capturing the value that IoT—in conjunction with cloud computing, big data, and AI—can unlock. geralt / Pixabay Our Cambrian Explosion of IoT is still ahead of us. But one thing is clear: IoT will change business in a major way. The question remains how. I argue it will profoundly change three
Turvo Acquires Supply Chain IoT And AI Company ODYN
AI, Smart Cities
Collaborative logistics platform Turvo has acquired artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled visibility platform ODYN. Through this acquisition, announced on July 31, Turvo will accelerate the integration of connected sensors into its end-to-end platform. Read more at Benzinga. Photo: Flazingo Photos
Ethical AI: Can Driverless Cars Save As Many Lives As Possible?
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By 2050, driverless cars and mobility as a service will grow into a $7 trillion worldwide. Driverless cars have many benefits and from 2035 to 2045 consumers will regain up to 250 million hours of free time that was previously spent from behind the wheel, $234 billion in public costs will be saved by reducing accidents and damages due to
Human-Machine Interaction Failings Cause Worldwide Ship Groundings
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Serious safety issues have been revealed about failures in human-machine interaction to safely navigate ships and watercraft of all kinds around the ocean. The issue came to light in an Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) investigation report "Grounding of ABFC Roebuck Bay." The report details how and why a highly qualified, experienced and well-rested crew of a Border Force cutter
BMW Group And Daimler AG Partner To Put Autonomous Cars On The Road By 2024
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German original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) BMW Group and Daimler AG inked a partnership on July 4 for a long-term strategic cooperation in autonomous driving, focusing on jointly developing next-generation technologies for driver assistance systems, automated driving on highways, and self-parking – in essence, an SAE Level 4 autonomous vehicle. Commercial deployment of the technology in passenger car systems is expected
Blockchain Provides Trustability in the Age of Mobility Services and Autonomous Vehicles
Harry Behrens, head of the blockchain factory, Daimler Financial Services, spoke at the Blockchain Europe expo in Amsterdam, highlighting the disruption that awaits mobility systems and how blockchain can be leveraged to provide trustability and enable end-to-end real-time financial transactions without manual intervention. "Private ownership is going down, and mobility is going towards a stage where it is delivered as
The Future Of Autonomous Ships Rests In Their Ability To Tackle Cyberattacks
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At the Autonomous Ship Technology conference in Amsterdam, Joseph Beel, the strategic programs manager at Cisco, spoke on how advancements in the domains of Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and mobility systems are disrupting the way the maritime industry operates – while subsequently putting vessels under cybersecurity risks arising from the considerable increase in attack avenues. "If you
Self-Driving Start-Up Acquired By Apple
AI, Smart Cities
Hours before self-driving start-up was scheduled to close its doors and lay off all of its staff, Apple Inc AAPL swooped in to buy the company., an autonomous driving shuttle service once valued at $200 million, is believed to have been purchased by Apple for less than the $77 million raised from venture capital sources. Read more at
NVIDIA to Partner With Volvo on Self-Driving Trucks
AI, Smart Cities
The Volvo Group and Nvidia Corporation NVDA have announced a joint partnership to develop artificial intelligence (AI) for self-driving trucks. Work will begin immediately in Gothenburg, Sweden and Santa Clara, California. The announcement comes a week after Volvo, the world's second-largest truck maker after Daimler, said its self-driving truck "Vera" would begin transporting goods from a logistics center to a port
As Nokia Signs 5G Agreements, A Look At The Companies Adopting The Next-Gen Technology
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Nokia Corporation NOK 0.1% said Monday it now has more than 40 commercial agreements with the companies building 5G networks as it seeks to be a top player in the behind-the-scenes work to create the infrastructure behind the next-generation communications networks. “Since the announcement of the 30th commercial 5G contract at the end of March, the company has seen an