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High Fidelity: Meet The World’s Top Backer of Unicorns
As part of our 2017 Unicorn Report, we ranked investors—venture capital, private equity, corporate and nontraditional alike—by the number of US unicorns in their portfolios. Silicon Valley’s VC heavyweights made up a healthy portion of the list, but the firm that claimed the No. 1 spot, once again, was mutual fund Fidelity Investments. Also read: Q2/H1 Hedge Fund Letters -
Slack Now Valued at More Than $5B After Latest Funding Round
Slack has closed a $250-million funding round that was led by a familiar player: Softbank, which has been aggressively investing in start-ups through its $100-billion Vision Fund. Slack's latest funding rounding places the workplace messaging company's valuation at about $5.1 billion. The company's growing war chest will be crucial in a market that is becoming increasingly competitive, as TechCrunch notes, with
The 14 Most Valuable Startups in the US
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Earlier this summer, we created a list of the five most valuable startups in the US and it was a massive hit. But why stop at five? It's not exactly a secret that Uber and Airbnb sit at the top of the rankings, and the next few in line aren't going to blow anyone's mind, either. But further down the
Europe's VCs Make Bigger Bets in the Search for New Unicorns
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Last month, the UK government proposed a new National Investment Fund aimed at helping the country’s tech companies become unicorns. The move raised a few eyebrows. [REITs] Also read: Q2/H1 Hedge Fund Letters – Letters, Conferences, Calls, And More Hedge Fund of funds Business Keeps Dying Every Year Baupost Letter Points To Concern Over Risk Parity, Systematic Strategies During Crisis
These Are the Unicorns Pulling in the Most Cash
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In light of WeWork’s monstrous $4.4 billion funding round and the release of our annual Unicorn Report, we’ve put together a ranking of current US-based VC-backed unicorns by capital raised in the last 18 months. In that time frame, the top three companies, Uber, WeWork and Airbnb—which are, unsurprisingly, the three most valuable startups in the US—have procured the lion’s
The 7 Most Active VC Investors in US Healthtech
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Outcome Health—one of the most highly valued healthtech startups, per the PitchBook Platform—has added Nandini Ramani to its team. Ramani, former VP of engineering at Twitter, has joined the health intelligence platform as its chief engineering officer. Outcome uses digital technology such as touchscreen tablets to streamline communication between doctors and patients. DarkoStojanovic / PixabayThe year is shaping up to
Bill Gates and Richard Branson Are Investing in a Meat Science Startup
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Bill Gates and Richard Branson are joining a group of investors pouring money into a startup that produces chicken, beef and duck straight from animal cells without raising or slaughtering livestock, Bloomberg reports. The company, called Memphis Meats - which is, uh, based in San Francisco - said in a statement that it has raised $17 million in its Series
The 8 Most Active VC Investors in US IoT
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Losant, the provider of a platform designed to help developers build products for connected devices, has secured $4.5 million in one of the latest venture capital fundings for a US-based IoT business. geralt / PixabaySince the beginning of 2012, 920 VC investors have participated in at least one of 674 deals for US-based IoT companies, according to the PitchBook Platform.
Coin Offerings to Dwarf VC Investment in Blockchain
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This article was based on PitchBook’s recent fintech analyst note on ICOs from analyst Evan B. Morris. In the future, the on-demand economy could run entirely via custom blockchain applications. Uber, rather than relying on venture capital, could issue an initial coin offering (ICO) or token sale that buyers could use to hail rides, allowing drivers to then mine the tokens by accepting them.
Uber Investor Has Sued Former CEO Travis Kalanick
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Benchmark Capital, an early investor in Uber, has sued former CEO Travis Kalanick for breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty, Axios reports. The venture capital firm filed its lawsuit in Delaware Chancery Court on Thursday. Axios notes that Benchmark has a seat on Uber's board and led the "shareholder revolt" that led to Kalanick's ouster in June. Per Axios: