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Venture Financing Activity Hits Records
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venture financing activity is now at an all time record, but is that good or bad? Last week, Fintech start-up Bread announced that it had raised $126 million to help finance its growth and reach more customers. Bread offers white label financing services to help consumers afford big-ticket purchases online, such as mattresses or home appliances. The company’s fundraising will
Peter Thiel Sounds a Little Less Confident About Trump
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Peter Thiel - the PayPal co-founder, Facebook investor and destroyer of Gawker Media - was an early and vocal supporter of Donald Trump's presidency, earning him both a role as political outlier in the left-leaning Silicon Valley and keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention. However, while Thiel remains publicly supportive of President Trump, he's reportedly becoming a little less confident
China's Unicorns: 7 Months, 10 Startups, $27.6B in Valuations
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Ten Chinese companies with venture capital backing have become unicorns this year, per PitchBook data, some racing past the initial $1 billion mark and generating valuations as large as $12 billion in what seemed like a blink of an eye (looking at you Toutiao). Bikesharing startups Mobike and Ofo have pulled in $2 billion this year alone, with the latter
The 7 Most Active Seed Investors in the US
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Investor activity in US seed rounds has been on a steady decline since 2014’s peak of nearly 1,600 deals. This year is on pace to experience another drop, with 793 VC investors having participated in at least one of the 591 seed rounds completed in the US so far in 2017, per the PitchBook Platform. Hayden Capital 2Q17 Letter: The
Vision Fund 101: Inside SoftBank's $93B Vehicle
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The SoftBank Vision Fund has been making headline after headline since plans for the massive vehicle were announced last October, mostly due to its sheer size: The fund held its first close on $93 billion in May and could total up to $100 billion when all is said and done. With an unprecedented amount of money to burn, we expect
The 8 Most Active VC Investors in Southern California
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Allegro Opthalmics, a biotech based in San Juan Capistrano that’s focused on treating vitreoretinal diseases, has raised $10.7 million in VC funding. And Orange County isn’t the only region in Southern California that’s attracting venture investment—Los Angeles and San Diego are also home to their fair share of VC-backed startups. Passive Assets To Cool As QE Ends? DraftKings, FanDuel Merger
Who Is Funding Europe's Mega VC Rounds?
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Back in May, London-based augmented reality startup Improbable raised a $502 million Series B round, launching it to the top of the VC funding charts for 2017 and making it Europe’s largest single fundraising since 2015. Yet one notable aspect of the deal has been somewhat overlooked: Not one of the listed investors in the transaction was based in Europe.
VC Bitcoin Fintech Deals Spike 100% in Q2
To say demand for Bitcoin fintech is heating up, would be a big understatement. At the beginning of July, payments processor Vantiv made an offer for UK-based Worldpay, which operates in the same sector. Vantiv soon found itself embroiled in a takeover battle with one of the world’s largest banks, JPMorgan Chase as it tried to bag Worldpay for itself.
7 Funding Alternatives For Female Entrepreneurs
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More often than not, pitching VC firms means pleading your case to white men. This is no easy feat for women entrepreneurs who, at best, may be easily dismissed or, at worst, may be taken advantage of. The solution, of course, is to overhaul the culture and demographics of VC firms—but as is the case with male-dominated tech companies, that’s a tall
Report: SoftBank Eyeing Huge Stake in Uber
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SoftBank has talked to Uber about taking a a multibillion-dollar stake in the ride-hailing company, according to sources who have spoken to the Wall Street Journal. If SoftBank does in fact buy a stake in Uber, it would give the Japanese telecommunications giant a "commanding stake in the ride-hailing market," the Journal notes, because it has already made significant investments