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HealthtechO2O Fireside Chat with Tytus Michalski: Reality Check on Investment Potential
Here’s a fireside chat with Tytus Michalski, managing partner at Fresco Capital, and Andrew Work, managing director at NexChange Group, on what drives the healthtech industry today.  The two talk about talent, market, and capital, how Asia is performing on these three criteria, and why the number of investment rounds for healthtech startups has dropped over the past years. They
Well Being Digital’s Kow Ping at Healthtech O2O: Breakthrough!
Kow Ping, co-founder of Well Being Digital, took the stage at Healthtech O2O: Breakthrough! last week and after praising Hong Kong as the medical IoT capital of the world, he sent a message that was a little different. “Some of you are probably here because you want to think about how we can make healthcare not only affordable but available
NexChange Interview Series: Stefan Rust,
In this installment of the NexChange Interview Series, NexChange’s Olga Yaroshevsky chats with’s head of business development, Stefan Rust. The two talk about peer-to-peer payments, industry challenges, regulations, Roger Ver’s new project, and more. Have a gander:
NexChange Interview Series: Hans Lombardo, Blockpass
This week on the NexChange Interview Series, Olga Yaroshevsky interviews Hans Lombardo, co-founder and CMO of Blockpass. They talk about Blockpass’ recent partnership with Waves Blockchain, how banks currently view digital identification systems, what industries – save for banking – are set to be disrupted by digital IDs, and more.
Video: Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019 - Highlights
NexChange is delighted to present Hong Kong Blockchain Week taking place in Spring 2020. The inaugural Hong Kong Blockchain Week in 2019 was a resounding success with over 4,000 participants attending events all week. From hackathons and investor dinners to the core conferences and exhibitions, Hong Kong Blockchain Week cemented Hong Kong's position as a global business and technology leader
NexChange Interview Series: Gordon Einstein, Crypto Law Partners
This week on the NexChange Interview Series, Olga Yaroshevsky chats with Gordon Einstein, Founding Partner at Crypto Law Partners, about his new book, Reg A+ for Crypto; securities law; Marc Andreessen and the evolution of software; and more. Have a gander:
NexChange Interview Series: Brad Yasar, Founder of Beyond Enterprizes
In this installment of the NexChange Interview Series, Olga Yaroshevsky talks to Brad Yasar, Founder and CEO of Beyond Enterprizes, about the Blockchain Investors Consortium, the biggest challenges of an investor, real-world blockchain business applications, and more. Check it out:
StartmeupHK Festival 2019 - Healthtech O2O Summit Highlight Video
NexChange hosted Healthtech O2O as a Core Event at the 2019 StartmeupHK Festival and here are some quick highlights:
Panel: Disruption in Payments - Bridging the Gap Between Crypto and Cash at HK Blockchain Week 2019
FinTech, Video
In this Hong Kong Blockchain Week panel, payments experts Che Carbreros of Worldpay, Dwight van Diem of BCW Group, and George Harrap of BitSpark talk about how to put fiat onto an exchange, how to work with cards and put crypto back to fiat and back to wallets and how to avoid 5-7 business days international wires. They also discuss
Panel on Hong Kong's Regulatory Environment - Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019
In this Hong Kong Blockchain Week panel, Deloitte’s Lapman Lee examines Hong Kong’s regulatory landscape with SFC’s Clara Chiu, HKMA’s Wilson Pang, and Binnersley & Associates’ Kristi Swartz. They dive into the former colony’s regulatory approach, its sandbox application process, and the benefits of virtual banking, among others. Check it out: