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StartmeupHK Festival 2019 - Healthtech O2O Summit Highlight Video
Video, Healthtech
NexChange hosted Healthtech O2O as a Core Event at the 2019 StartmeupHK Festival and here are some quick highlights:
Panel: Disruption in Payments - Bridging the Gap Between Crypto and Cash at HK Blockchain Week 2019
FinTech, Video
In this Hong Kong Blockchain Week panel, payments experts Che Carbreros of Worldpay, Dwight van Diem of BCW Group, and George Harrap of BitSpark talk about how to put fiat onto an exchange, how to work with cards and put crypto back to fiat and back to wallets and how to avoid 5-7 business days international wires. They also discuss
Panel on Hong Kong's Regulatory Environment - Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019
In this Hong Kong Blockchain Week panel, Deloitte’s Lapman Lee examines Hong Kong’s regulatory landscape with SFC’s Clara Chiu, HKMA’s Wilson Pang, and Binnersley & Associates’ Kristi Swartz. They dive into the former colony’s regulatory approach, its sandbox application process, and the benefits of virtual banking, among others. Check it out:
Panel on Practical Insights for the Successful Launch of STOs - Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2019
In this Hong Kong Blockchain Week panel, Coinstreet Partners’ Samson Lee chats with Securitize’s Jacqueline Kwok, Ledger’s Benjamin Soong, BMI’s Lowell Lo, and STO Global-X’s Floyd D’Costa about one of the hottest topics of the industry: STOs. Find out what it is, why everyone’s talking about it, and more importantly, how to launch a successful one, here:
NexChange Interview Series: Michael Nye, Host of Evolvement Podcast
Video, Blockchain
In this installment of the NexChange Interview Series, Olga Yaroshevsky talks to Michael Nye, Host of Evolvement Podcast, about his podcast, Bitcoin Jesus, VR and AR, and the next blockchain hotbed. Have a gander:
NexChange Interview Series: Blockchain and Digital Assets Regulation With King & Wood Mallesons Partner Urszula McCormack
Video, Blockchain
This week on the NexChange Interview Series, NexChange’s Olga Yaroshevsky chats with Urszula McCormack, Partner at King & Wood Mallesons, about global regulations and the blockchain-based Digital ID concept.
NexChange Interview Series: DLT With Swift Managing Director Lisa O’Connor
Video, Blockchain
In this installment of the NexChange Interview Series, NexChange’s Olga Yaroshevsky speaks to Lisa O’Connor, managing director for Securities, Treasury and Standards, Asia Pacific at SWIFT, about Hong Kong Blockchain Week, SWIFT’s new DLT project, and other real-world application of blockchain. Check it out:
NexChange Interview Series: Real-World Blockchain Applications With Blockchain Founders Fund’s Aly Madhavji
Video, Blockchain
How many seconds does it take for Walmart to track their produce within a blockchain-based supply chain? Which Ethereum application is the UN World Food Programme using when working with refugees? NexChange’s Olga Yaroshevsky spoke to Blockchain Founders Fund’s Aly Madhavji to find out about these – and more – real-world applications of blockchain.
Video: Nexyst Co-Founder Dimitri Sogoloff at Hong Kong Blockchain Week
Hong Kong’s largest blockchain event – Hong Kong Blockchain Week – played host to a multitude of noteworthy speakers, including Nexyst co-founder Dimitri Sogoloff. Sogoloff, a former fund manager, shared his thoughts on the current digital asset market and showed the crowd the crowd the ins and outs of making a nuanced investment, from due diligence all the way to
Video: Fintech O2O: Blockchain and the Future of Finance
Video, Blockchain
What is the future of finance in relation to blockchain? That’s the question Fintech O2O – a special event within Hong Kong Blockchain Week – aimed to answer. The discussion was led by ConsenSys Director of Strategic Initiatives Charles D’Haussy and it featured True Global Ventures Founder Dušan Stojanović, SWIFT Managing Director Lisa O’Connell, and Smith + Crown CEO Brian