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Video: Bill Gross sees China stocks opening down 5%-6%; says central banks have replaced homeowners as debt-owners
In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Janus Fund's Bill Gross says central banks have replaced homeowners as the debt-heavy players in the market. "They are writing endless checks and supporting stock markets. They don't run out of cash," says Gross. "It produces distortions in the global economy." For the next few weeks, Gross says he will be focusing his investments
Video: Former Fed President Dick Fisher says don't blame China for weakness in US
Former Dallas Federal Reserve President Dick Fisher says China isn't to blame for weakness in stocks in the U.S. Rather, blame central bank policy here for front-loading easy money. He should know. Fisher was there when the policy was implemented. Now it's time to pay the piper. Fisher says he expects a "fallow performance this year" after the rally of
Video: Will the 80-20 rule apply to unicorn IPOs in 2016? Jim Breyer thinks so.
We all know 2016 is set up to be a rough year for our billion dollar startups, also known as unicorns. While some may deserve their gigantic private market valuations, many don't. So how many can we expect to go public this year, or even by the end of 2017? Looking ahead, Jim Breyer, founder and CEO of Breyer Capital, predicts
Video: Hedgie developed relationship with 'The American Sniper'
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Hayman Capital Management principal Kyle Bass talks about his relationship with Chris Kyle, the late Navy Seal author of "The American Sniper," in this week's Wall Street Week.
Video: Kyle Bass on subprime, rates, and China
Always wondered how Kyle Bass made his big bet on the mortgage market? In the latest edition of Wall Street Week, the Hayman Capital founder discusses exactly that, from the household delinquency data he found to his infamous trip to Bear Sterns. Check it out. Photo: Insider Monkey
Video: The biggest barrier to entry: Developing domain knowledge
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Ajmal Samuel, CEO, Octo3 discusses with NexChange the biggest barriers to entry for wannabe disruptors in Hong Kong: domain knowledge. Most don't understand the arcane details and the challenges entailed when it comes to fintech -- and when they do, many just "run away."
Video: Jim Simons on math, hem lengths, and hedge fund fees
If quantitative trading had its deities, Jim Simons would be one of them. A former NSA code breaker and one-half of a quantum field theory, Simons not only built one of the first quant funds in the business, he also built what’s arguably the segment’s best. Unfortunately, he also happens to be really secretive about Renaissance, but in a TED interview
Video: MaRS focuses on global partnerships for fintech companies
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Toronto-based MaRS is forging partners globally to benefit fintech companies. In November, MaRS paired up with Hong Kong's Cyberport for a one-day conference. In an interview with NexChange, Adam Nanjee, head of financial technology at MaRS, explains the strategy and how it benefits fintech startups.
Video: Hong Kong needs to cultivate more IT talent to match its finance skills
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Jacob Wai, a committee member of the Hong Kong Computer Society, says Hong Kong needs to cultivate more IT talent to get to the next level in fintech. In an interview with NexChange, Wai notes that the island nation has a superior finance talent base.
Video: Hong Kong needs more accelerators to nurture its fintech ecosystem
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Hong Kong needs to develop more accelerators and angel investors, says Tak Lo, director, TechStars in London. "There is lots of private money in Hong Kong spent on other things," he tells NexChange at an O-2-O event sponsored by Cyberport.